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    Handi Theatre Home Cinema System

    Backyard Movie Parties

    Host a backyard movie party or corporate function with ease! Entertain up to 150 people.


    Community Entertainment

    Bring unique events to your community, school, or business. Audiences up to 650 people.


    Large Scale Outdoor Events

    Organise large scale events, festivals & drive-in movies. Cinema systems for up to 3000 people.

    Smartfold Series

    Indoor Fun

    Have fun, no matter the weather! Portable entertainment for indoor spaces.

    At Smart Digital Australia we make good quality portable and outdoor cinema affordable. We bring more fun, more magic, more entertainment to our customers.

    We are Australia’s Leading Supplier of Inflatable Projector Screens and Outdoor Cinema Equipment

    Are you organising a drive-in cinema, a community event, or a festival? We have massive movie screens for events up to 3000 people!

    Do you want to bring more entertainment to your holiday park, swimming pool, school, sports centre, or your own backyard?

    We offer smaller portable and inflatable screens and complete pop-up cinema packages, which make indoor and outdoor entertainment easy!

    Watch movies or live TV, hold presentations, or trainings, or even play console games and music with our complete outdoor movie systems.

    Keep your visitors happy no matter the weather with our unique entertainment solutions for big indoor spaces.  For a theatrical effect, or for presentations and business, use our portable indoor projection screens.


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    We are your outdoor cinema system people. Located in Melbourne, we supply portable projection screens and outdoor cinema all over Australia, and also ship overseas. Our inflatable movie screens and portable AV equipment bring joy to the communities. You’ll find them in Darwin and Perth, Auckland and Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast, in remote places and in capital cities.

    Our movie screens and unique audio video equipment are designed in Melbourne. Moreover, they are built with the end user in mind and are super easy to operate.

    Contact us today to find the indoor or outdoor cinema screen package to suit your needs.

    Buy inflatable projector screens and outdoor cinema equipment, complete portable cinema packages and professional audio video solutions via our online shop.

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    Uncover secrets behind a great movie night

    Uncover secrets behind a great movie night

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