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We are proud to offer clients high quality outdoor movie systems and screens for every occasion. Our inflatable movie screens are easy to setup and suitable for a wide range of applications including outdoor cinema events, festivals, corporate expos, and community gatherings.

Inflatable outdoor movie screens and projection equipment for every event and venue.

Everyone enjoys going to outdoor movies. Outdoor movies are affordable, universal entertainment for almost every generation. Movie events allow you or your organisation to connect and interact with your customers, community, friends and family. Thanks to innovative technology – big screen presentations and movies hosted outdoors and indoors have become incredibly easy to setup and operate.

Our inflatable screens feature easy and fast setup – no prior technician experience required.

No previous technical experience is required with any of our Smart Digital movie systems. We supply the highest quality inflatable outdoor cinema screens and projection equipment. You can expect vibrant and vivid images, crisp and balanced sound, and multimedia input options in every system we make. Our range also features portable indoor screens, and SmartBox packaged systems that will help you cut your setup time in half.

Whether you are looking for an inflatable outdoor movie screen that is suitable for commercial purposes or simply seeking to enjoy an outdoor movie at home, Smart Digital Australia has you covered. Our wide range of projection equipment and inflatable movie screens for sale are designed to meet the unique requirements of any event, venue, home, and business. From a backyard movie night for your family to municipal film festivals to military social nights and everything in between we have everything you need to host your events anywhere, anytime.