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    With these Christmas presents, your family will spend more time outdoors, be together more, and will feel happier!

    Are you scratching your head again for Christmas presents for your big family? We have some brilliant ideas for you! The best present is the one which can be shared by the whole family, and it is also easier to do the shopping if you only need one item, and not five!

    This Christmas gift ideas list is dedicated to outdoor lovers.

    1. Backyard cinema is a great family entertainer.

    Backyard movie fun It is our choice number one in the list of best Christmas presents available in Australia. Thanks to the outdoor home theatre, your family will spend less time watching TV on a sofa, and have more fun outdoors. Organise backyard movie nights, play active computer game competitions in the open air; have a karaoke night or a disco party under the stars. Invite your neighbours and relatives, watch old classic movies or get sports fans together to watch the big game on a big screen! There are very cute packages available, and prices are reasonable, as well!

    2. Outdoor fireplace

    Outdoor FireplaceModern outdoor fires are incredibly stylish. They will get the whole family out of the house – adults would enjoy a good meal near the fire, teens will probably still continue their social life on their tablets, and kids will try to roast marshmallows. Choose the models burning ethanol, like Ecosmart Fire, as ethanol is environmentally responsible option to fossil fuels.

    3. Outdoor Family Gamesplay klop outdoors

    Family board games are fun. Our favourites as Christmas presents are Forbidden Island, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride. They teach kids some new skills (history, geography), and help adults to relax and have quality time with their children. Outdoor family games are even better – choose from Klop or Finska, giant Jenga, or bocce (also known as petanque).

    4. A family drone is another optionfamily drone

    Almost all family members can become pilots (just choose more affordable, family-friendly models). Moreover, you can use drone camera to create fun family portraits, like it is described in this blog. And your teenage kids will spend more time outdoors flying drones, and less time plastered to the computer screen.

    5. Basketball system

    Great for kids, and if your family is sporty and active, it can be a good present for the whole family, as well.

    6. Trampolines

    great gift for the kidsTrampolines are also a fantastic investment, which will bring joy and outdoor fun for many years to come. Unfortunatelly,this present is, most likely, for kids only. On the other hand, you will be surprised that even older kids and teens will be using trampoline a lot. From playing ball games, to reading – they will use it well!

    7. Camping tent

    Camping tent as a Christmas present is a big promise to camp more! We hope you’ll make it as a New Year resolution! Give a separate tent for kids – they can even play camping in the backyard, and invite friends for a backyard movie camp out!

    There are a lot of options to give the gift of experience.

    8. Have you ever done camping on Christmas Eve?

    That would be different from the standard Christmas party! Pick up a Holiday Park or a Holiday Resort offering adventures and unusual experiences. Decorate a tiny portable Christmas tree and let your children find under it a card offering these adventures (canoe trip, mini-golf, outdoor movies).

    9. Organise cultural event

    Present your family with tickets to the theatre in the gardens, open air cinema, or any other outdoor event – isn’t it great to celebrate Christmas in summer?

    10. Take them travellingTravel this Christmas

    Organise family holidays in secret from your tribe, and let the tickets to the destination unknown be your Christmas present for them! In addition, prepare small gifts that family members will need in your journey. A new travel bag, Lonely Planet travel guide, travel cosmetics – you name it!

    11. Share adrenaline rush

    Give your loved ones a day out sailing or flying aeroplane – there is nothing better than an experience shared by the whole family.

    12. Meet the animals

    Finally, we suggest to pay a visit to your local zoo. Very few venues are open on Christmas day, and the zoo is one of them. With not that many visitors around, Christmas  day at the zoo may feel like a very special visit, for kids and adults alike.

    Now over to you. What was the best Christmas present you have ever received or gave to your family?

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    Olga Kustova

    Marketing guru, event organiser and blogger, passionate about all things outdoors: hiking, camping, outdoor movies and entertainment.