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Movie Systems

Backyard Parties, Corporate Events, Fundraisers and More.

Movie systems from Smart Digital Australia are the ultimate in outdoor & indoor entertainment systems. Available in a range of sizes, configurations and styles; there is a movie system designed for every application from home, professional public or custom events and systems.

Smart Digital currently supply four series of movie systems ranging from small, medium and large events, drive in cinema, outdoor or indoor cinema, parties, festivals, fundraisers and more; each has been carefully designed to suit a variety of applications.  our HandiTheatre® systems are our smallest range for indoor and outdoor applications with a viewing  capacity of up to 100 people, next is our ParkView® Series which is the mid-range of systems that have the versatility of indoor and outdoor applications with a very large viewing capacity of up to 650 people; the last of our inflatable movie systems is the Touring® Series which are primarily for large scale commercial outdoor events. We also have a wide variety of fixed frame and SmartFold® systems that can cater to 10, 100 or 100+ viewers.

Our Touring®, ParkView® and SmartFold® Series systems come complete with everything you need to setup your system, with either a SmartBox® Gold or SmartBox® Platinum portable multimedia device, as well as all the cables required to enjoy your portable indoor & outdoor entertainment system right out of the box! Our HandiTheatre® system is designed for home use in the backyard and comes complete with screen, speakers, super bright projector, inflation blower and twist stakes (pack of 4), all that you require is your playback device (Blu-Ray/DVD player, laptop, games console etc) and away you go!

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