Huawei Air Blowers for Inflatables

The power which will blow you away

Huawei air blowers for inflatables are commercial grade blowers. They are manufactured under a rigorous quality control system and are available world-wide. They provide high pressure air flow and have low power consumption, which makes them ideal for inflating jumping castles, bouncers, slides and any other large inflatable products.

Smart Digital, official distributor of Huawei air blowers in Australia, stocks several models and offers quick shipment of the blower pumps from their office in Melbourne. We deliver bounce caslte blowers at a flat postage rate anywhere in the country, from Darwin and Brisbane to Melbourne and Hobart, from capital cities to remote towns, to help get your inflatable toys back in the good shape!

We also ship Huawei air blowers for inflatables to New Zealand at low freight rates – please contact us for a quote.

Here’s what our customers say about Huawei blowers:

We use the Huawei blowers for our jumping castles and other large inflatable rides and amusements. I have found Huawei air blowers to be stable and reliable over many years.

– Damian Dejong, Director

Action Events Melbourne

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