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6m ParkView Gold

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The biggest of ParkView outdoor cinema packages – great for big community events!

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Outdoor Cinema package for audiences up to 650 guests

Big inflatable cinema systems of ParkView® series will cater for up to 650 Guests. These systems are great for holiday resorts, caravan parks, school fetes, council events, swimming pools and fundraising events.

The 6m wide screen is the largest of our ParkView screens. Add to that powerful 700 watt audio system and high quality projection equipment, and you have a mighty beast of a system, which will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults. In addition, ParkView® package includes SmartBox® Gold audio video control system. It allows to control the sound, play Blu-Ray / DVD discs, use microphones and connect all equipment.

The 6m ParkView® Gold is still light weight, easy to transport and can be set up by one person in 30 minutes. Moreover, it still fits in a boot of a family car!

6 metre inflatable cinema package comes complete with:

  • 6 m projection movie screen supplied with blower, tethers, and stakes
  • high fidelity 700 watt audio system with15 inch subwoofer and two powerful satellite speakers
  • very bright outdoor projector (Viewsonic WXGA 4000 Lumen or similar)
  • Av controller SmartBox®. DVD/Blu-Ray player and analog audio mixer are built into a durable ABS case. SmartBox® comes with wired microphone for karaoke and announcements.

We supply big inflatable cinema systems to Australia, New Zealand, and all over the world. You’ll find them in sports clubs and pubs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, and Perth; indigenous communities of Northern Territories and WA; local councils of suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne; wineries of South Australia. Furthermore, swimming pools of Canberra and Hobart, museums of Auckland, drive-ins of Tasmania  and dive-ins of Queensland have portable cinema from Smart Digital Australia. They bring more fun, more magic, more entertainment to communities, big and small, with outdoor movies.

Need custom solution? Call us on 03 9729 6300 to discuss. We offer sealed and constant flow screens, customised AV control systems, specially designed road cases, and more!


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