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    2.5m Inflatable HandiScreen



    Inflatable outdoor TV screen is great for outdoor and indoor entertainment

    The HandiScreen is a lightweight blowup screen. It rolls into a small bundle and easily fits into the boot of a small sedan car.  This outdoor TV screen is easy to set up and quick to inflate. Use it both indoors and outdoors.

    This outdoor TV screen is sealed. It means the screen is filled with the air before the show and the valve is closed. No air is leaking from the screen and the blower is not in operation while you are watching the movie.

    The screen is supplied with a blower, tethers, stakes and a repair kit. All you would need to show movies is a movie projector, sound, and a playback device.

    Sealed screen design allows to take the screen inside if the weather is changing and turn your outdoor cinema into indoors one.

    Have you found your screen slightly deflated? This can happen if the temperature drops and as a result, the air inside the screen takes less volume. All you need to do is just to top the screen up with a blower – 10 seconds will be enough!

    When the screen is ready, Just add your projector, play-back device and speakers – your outdoor TV is ready!

    Watch our screen set up guides

    Additional information

    Weight8 kg
    Dimensions40 x 40 x 30 cm


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