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SmartBox® Gold


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The SmartBox® Gold is a user friendly audio video control system. Use it to show movies and organise audio video events.

We designed SmartBox® as a self-contained media outlet which can be integrated with various audio visual systems, including projectors, speakers, MP3 players, computers, video cameras, to name a few.

Designed in Melbourne, Portable Multimedia Control System SmartBox® Gold is the unique solution, which makes audio video entertainment easy. Screen Blu-ray and DVD movies, control the sound, watch live TV with an external set top box, or play music with an external MP3 player!

Portable Multimedia Control System SmartBox® Gold comes with:

  • Sony or equivalent Blu-Ray / DVD player with USB port – play movies and music from CDs or from a USB
  • Audio Mixer – control the volume of all the devices connected to your SmartBox® system
  • Microphone – a plugin microphone  for announcements or karaoke
  • MP3 Auxiliary input connections
  • Stereo XLR out to speakers and HDMI out to display device (projector)

SmartBox® Gold is supplied as a part of complete outdoor cinema systems, such as ParkView® and HandiTheatre® cinema packages.

With Portable Multimedia Control System SmartBox® Gold, showing movies is easy even for the person with no technical background.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 37 x 15 x 54 cm


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