Smartframe Series


SmartFold ScreenThe ideal fixed frame solution that will blend seamlessly into your environment? The SmartFrame® can be permanently attached to a wall or posts, indoors or outdoors, in your beer garden or adapted to suit any occasion.

Features of the SmartFrame® include:

  • Stretchy projection screen surface (available in either front or rear projection)
  • Screen fabrics are UV-proof, fire-proof, water-proof and washable
  • Quality HD image and environmentally friendly materials
  • Lay flat screen technology
  • Black power-coated Aluminium screen frame is durable, long-lasting and stylish
  • Available in 120” to 200” sizes (120’’ for up to 100 people, 150’’ for up to 150 people, 180’’ for up to 150 people, 200’’ for up to 350 people)
  • Brackets to attach SmartFrame® to walls of poles
  • Permanently application – no need to assemble and disassemble each time of use

Applications include:

  • Pubs, bars and restaurants – show the big game, Live TV, PowerPoint presentations with community and promotional messages
  • Offices and boardrooms – presentations
  • Home theatre rooms – movie nights
  • Community and Government projects

Dimensions and Specifications:

SizeProjection AreaSize of FramePackaging Size
SizeProjection AreaSize of FramePackaging Size
120"2652x1494 mm10cm293x27x15cm
150"3315x1867 mm10cm357x27x15cm
180"3978x2240 mm10cm423x27x15cm

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