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    Want a way of mixing entertainment with the great outdoors during the cooler winter weather? Drive in movies could be the ticket! 4 J Entertainment in Tasmania is clued in, with a fantastic turnout of 145 cars to see our 12m touring screen in action. Even the superheroes made an appearance putting smiles on the kid’s faces, with a percentage of every ticket sold being donated to a charity of their choice! 

    Word on the street is that it was a superb evening which everyone loved and patrons even asking when the next one is!

    Drive-in movies are happening up and down Australia. For a cosy night out in a city near you, check out the here for a Drive-in movies place near you!


    Touring series outdoor cinema systems

    Want to do your own Drive-in events?

    Well we have the equipment for you with our Touring Series! Check out the Touring Series systems and choose a big screen for a real drive-in atmosphere!

    With screens ranging from 8 metres – 12 metres in size, they’re the most professional inflatable screens on the market with definitely a huge WOW factor! Front or rear projection capabilities and a crisp bright image will not disappoint.

    • Screen movies
    • Watch the big game
    • Watch LIVE TV
    • Play music
    • Possibilities are endless

    Thanks for stopping by! Anything to add? If so, please leave a comment below or give us a call directly (03 9729 6300) to talk though your ideas.


    Picture provided By Jason Holloway (4j Entertainment - Tasmania)



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