Birthday GirlGirls just want to have fun. They want to dance and swirl. They want to sing and giggle. Little girls bring life and joy to the lives of their family, friends, and teachers. When a little girl’s birthday rolls around and it’s time to celebrate parents commit to giving their girls everything their little hearts desire. Here’s a quick list on how to do just that!

1. Find Flowers

Find flowers. Most colors will do; however, purple, yellow, orange, pink, or white flowers will suit most girl themes. Grab common flowers from your garden or elsewhere to bring simple sweetness to any birthday party. Flowers can be arranged on a table, by the cake, near the presents and even placed in her hair.

2. Grab Glitter.

Sprinkle glitter everywhere you can think of. For every flower you add ensure you shake on three times the glitter. Sparkles excite every little girl. Grab glitter that compliments your theme and sprinkle a few shakes everywhere including table tops and in confetti. Glitter is also a simple way to make more inexpensive party pieces shine and shimmer.

3. Trim Tables.

Use table cloths to cover tables. Covering tables at a little girl’s birthday party is an easy way to transform any party space instantly. Remember to add center pieces such as flowers, balloons, or both. Setting tables is also a great way to ensure every attendant receives the special attention they deserve and feels welcomed.

4. Transplant the Theme

Take the theme of your party everywhere. Don’t just stop at plates, napkins, or cups. Using stickers that compliment your theme will enable you to take your theme everywhere such as balloons, invitations, etc. The great thing about stickers is that sometimes using the stickers is more affordable than having to buy the themed items.

5. Balloons!

Blow up balloons with and without helium for the ultimate party environment. Balloons that float in the air and grace the floor bring creative and simple fun to every occasion. Mix and match balloon types and colors for an even more coordinated atmosphere include foil, latex, and mylar balloons.

6. Prepare Party Favors

Shop ahead if you can. Decide on what is going into the party favor bags early on and save time when it comes to planning your party. Receiving party favors and gift bags are an intricate detail that many younger children have come to enjoy about attending birthday parties – so don’t let them down. Party favors are much more special if they are unique to your party theme. For example, a figure skating birthday themed party might include chapstick and glittery gloves for the girls and pucks and hockey tattoos for the boys.

7. Choose the Birthday Cake

Pick a cake that is simple and creative. Add an image of the birthday girl or adorn it with non-edibles such as a crown, doll, or balloons. Make the cake a surprise and keep it well hidden for maximum surprise and cherished and pictures.

8. Fun Birthday Games

Invent new games or play some of the old tried and true ones. Musical chairs, pinatas, and bingo are great ways to get the party going and to keep it going. Choose games that can be played by the young and the old; always try to offer a prize to make the games more interesting and sometimes setting up contests and tournaments are great ways to entice everyone to participate.

9. Assign Assistants

Select an elite party crew (grandma, aunts and uncles are usually more than willing) approximately four weeks prior to your little girl’s birthday party. By selecting volunteers to help you throw an awesome party you give yourself a few extra hands and will be able to enjoy watching your little princess grow another year older among family and friends.

10. Add Fun Extras

Adding extras to any birthday party is a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your guests and birthday girl or boy. Extras can be anything from a bounce house, clown, or big inflatable screen that enables attendants to play games, watch movies, or karaoke. Extras are ways to make your birthday event stand out among the rest and great for creating memories that last a lifetime.