Family fun happens everywhere in your home. In the kitchen we bake cookies and make homemade treats, in the dining room we create memories, in the backyard we play games and enjoy warm laughs and giggling children. Anywhere in your home; inside and outside is a stage for enjoying your family and creating priceless memories. Determining the kind of fun for your family activities is the most challenging part of any family time.Family Fun - Courtesy Image By Photostock

Challenges arise because most families have to accommodate a wide range of generations. Here are five things your family can do at home over and over again. These family fun activities will promote family time as well as save you money because each activity can be done without making new purchases each time.

Go Virtual Bowling

Nowadays your family can go bowling just about anywhere they desire. Connect your Nintendo, XBox, PlayStation, or Wii to your home system for a time of fun and excitement and let bowling take on a modern twists. Set up your bowling game anywhere in your backyard or tote it to a local community park (just be sure you can power your HandiTheatre). Virtual bowling often enables players to customize each lane, choose animated avatars, and pick a silly bowling ball. Check with your local game shop for virtual bowling options for your gaming platform and discover why going bowling made our list.

Engage in a Tournament

Friendly competition is always a blast; so why not host your own? Tournaments are a great way to keep things light and energized because the best of the best players (family members) go head to head in the end. Be sure to choose a reward for the champion such as getting to pick the movie for your next family fun movie night or not having to do chores for a whole week. Tournaments are also ideal because your family can select their favorite virtual sports such as rugby, football, or snowboarding.

Discover Something New

Trying new things as a family promotes unity and closeness for years to come. Discovering something new as a family will require your family to work as a team cohesively as they seek to acquire the new skills needed to thrive in the new sports or games. Do a quick Google search for popular video games or trending new sports. Try activities that are popular in other countries such as American football, basketball or golf. The great thing about discovering something new virtually is that you save money and are not required to purchase all the physical items needed to play successfully for each family member in a variety of sizes!

Watch YouTube

YouTube is packed with some of the most entertaining family friendly content out there. Learn how to basket weave, put on make-up or increase physical strength and flexibility in a span of under 20 minutes. Take a family yoga class in your own backyard (get your yoga mats here) or learn how to make pickled cucumbers in the great outdoors (here’s a great starter kit for that). We even suggest taking up building a custom car engine live with famous YouTubers as your personal coaches. Simply set up your HandiTheatre screen in your garage or workshop and get to work; after all everyone in the family should learn how to change the oil in a car engine.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie always makes the list for cheap family fun activities. Enjoy a family flick that keeps everyone entertained. Choose a Pixar movie for clean adult humor or a more modern Disney movie to keep the interest of both children and teenagers alike. Set up bean bags, fill up the ice chest, build a bon-fire for s’mores, and put hot dogs on the barbie for an outdoor movie. Or simply keep the fun inside with freshly popped popcorn, homemade treats, and more. The options are endless thanks to the flexibility of your HandiTheatre Home System that can be set up both indoors and outdoors.