What is it?

Possibly the World’s brightest projection screen…ever.
Known as a “Solstice” projection screen, or “Ambient Light Rejection Screen”, it cuts out any worries with ambient light (ambient light means the light that is already present in a scene, such as natural light, outdoors or light coming through windows. Also, artificial light such as normal room lights, candles, lamps, etc). In other words, it’s any light source other than your projector that may distort your image or weaken its visual aesthetics. On a standard screen, high levels of ambient light will wash out the image.
Ambient Light Rejection Screens (ALR) differ in many ways to standard screens. Whereas a standard screen will reflect incoming light in all directions, the ALR screen reflects light directly back at the viewer, thus creating better clarity and a far superior and brighter image.
ALR screens either absorb or divert ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision.

The advantages of the “Solstice” ALR screen in brightly lit environments

Ambient light allows us to see things clearly. From sunlight to flickering candles, car headlights to light bulbs, and warm bedside lamps. Ambient light assists us in our everyday lives but becomes a problem when trying to view a clear picture on a big screen.

This is where a “Solstice” screen comes into its own:

  • It has a “Concave Optical projection screen” which is suitable for any residential or commercial applications
  • Higher gain than other screens. Typically, 18 to 23 gain of brightness; the gain value represent the ratio of brightness of the screen resulting in a brighter image, even in highly lit environments.
  • It is important to note here that it is the image that is bright, not the screen.
  • Wider viewing angle; with the curved screen giving clear images over the entire viewing angle
  • Higher than 99% of polarisation; light waves
  • Depth simulation; the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object
  • Improved image resolution
  • Better colour accuracy

Controlled lighting has always been a problem when setting up a projection system, that is until the introduction of the ‘Solstice™’ projection screen. The brightness and clarity of this screen allow excellent image quality on the big screen and is far better than what you’ve ever seen before.

The Technology

The Solstice™ projection screen is the world’s first concave lens-type screen. This screen is positioned as the next big surge in 3D Applications. With 3D technology, brightness is extremely important. The Solstice ALR screen increases the light and polarised reflection, thus solving the problem of brightness, making it far superior to the standard 3D silver screens.
The Solstice projection screen’s multiple layers of diffusion material further remove the washout effects of ambient light. Sharp image clarity and the superb colour are also enhanced.
Also, the ALR screen absorbs ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision and reflects the projected image directly into the viewer’s field of vision, while also absorbing most of any other distracting and indirect light.