Around Australia, there is a wealth of money streams and opportunities for your community group to gain and receive a funding grant for your event. However, in many instances, the most challenging component is knowing how to access these potential funds. This short article will inform and teach you ways to access these grants through sourcing ideas, and where to go to request the funding.

What do we search?

Firstly, it is as simple as using Google to optimise these ideas, such as: how to apply for a community grant. It is amazing the amount of help and assistance freely available from creditable agencies including the Australian government. Here is some links that may assist you from day 1:

How should we apply?

You need to be very clear what you want the funds for, and how the community will benefit from you having these funds.  Always apply as a community group, preferably incorporated, and not as an individual person. The reason for this is that in the past, Corporates sometimes have difficulty giving to non-incorporated organisations. Alternatively, groups can work directly with providers.  Many community groups will have an umbrella organization who may supply a list of providers suitable for the project. Additionally, community groups can also work with funding consultants. Here is a very good starting point:

Who can fund us?

In Western Australia, Lotteries Test is well known for funding community groups. Clubs and Pubs with gambling licenses generally have a requirement to put a certain % of their revenue back into the community. Service clubs such as Rotary and Lions are another excellent source of funding, as they are well known for putting back into the community. Banks such as The Bendigo Bank is probably the most visible of the banks for community funding, however, all banks have community grants available from time to time. Simply ask at the local branch on how to go about applying and what are their guide lines and requirements.  If your business or community can use these planning tools before putting any pen to paper, this will save plenty of grief along the lines.

James Cunningham            – Founder and Director, Smart Digital Australia