Backyard Movie Family FunSometimes staying home is the best way to cultivate family fun and engagement. Eliminate outside influences and distractions and enjoy a family fun night in your own backyard that gives you modern entertainment in your very own comfortable style. Whether your family has a thing for horror movies, comedies, sci-fi, or drama these fun movie ideas are great ways to keep your family engaged with each other and connecting in ways that will inspire them to plan more days together.

The best part of hosting a family fun movie night is to announce it and begin to slowly build anticipation for the evening. You can build anticipation by offering easy prizes such as no chores for a week, small token gift cards to favorite stores and other things you are sure your family will covet. As you build anticipation share with your family your plans for the night but also keep some activities secret for the actual day of the event. If you hold your family fun day on a Friday or weekend you can let it run a bit longer, however, be sure to keep it short and sweet so that your family is always begging for more.

Fun activities that are affordable and easy to incorporate into your night are family trivia games. Ask your family to recall the dates, times, and places where prominent family memories were created and took place such as the time little Jimmy fell into a pond or Sally lost a shoe. You can also ask for complete birthdays of each family member including the year! Other activities that are affordable and simple ways to incorporate into your backyard movie fun are pre-movie games such as Twister (and let the winner pick the movie) or “Simon Says”. By keeping the games simple (so simple that even toddlers can play) and silly your family will enjoy their time together and find the time refreshing.

Aside from choosing the movie to play during your backyard movie night your most important tasks will be to choose the food and drinks for the evening. If you keep your selection simple yet nutritional your family will be very happy backyard event attendees. Try to focus on offering your family finger foods and drinks that match the weather. For hotter nights offer slushie type beverages while on colder evenings offer warming beverages. Some of your finger foods can be fresh veggies such as carrots, sweet peppers, or celery.

Getting nutritional food into your family may present a challenge so we also encourage you to check online for recipes that feature your family’s favorite food. Quick Tuna and Corn Spring Rolls are easy to make and nutritional or try a Chunky Dip featuring your family salsa favorites. If you incorporate food that is exciting and new for your family to enjoy you will ensure that your backyard movie fun nights are even more anticipated.

For fun times with your family hold a contest to determine which movie you will play or simply choose an old family video that is well loved by everyone and appropriate for all generations. Backyard movie fun does not have to be elaborate and expensive. Be creative and commit to keeping your family home and starting a lasting tradition that keeps your family engaged with one another and ready for anything.