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Buy an Outdoor Cinema & Get a Business Tax Write-off

With the recent 2018 Federal Budget being released to the public, there has been a major announcement for that of small businesses in Australia. Liberal has announced that assets purchased below $20,000 can still be used as an instant write-off in, for business'...

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EDID Problem Solving

A recent video technology has popped up and is called EDID.  This stands for "Extended Display Identification Data".  For most people in the AV professional industry, EDID is the bane of their life!  In simple terms, EDID is a 'video handshaking protocol.' similar to...

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April Releases: Movies You Can’t Miss

  A Quiet Place – Released April 6 This is one horror film that you cannot pass up in the cinema. The office’ John Krasinski stars and directs alongside Emily Blunt in this thrilling screenplay which has so far been critically acclaimed as one of the best thrillers of...

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20 film ideas for your next outdoor movie night!

Its a warm, balmy night, with the sunset just on the horizon. You’ve set up your bean bags out on the grass. A cooler the size of a car is filled with assorted beers and wines and your projector light is streaming on your new inflatable movie screen. However, the...

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Applying For A Funding Grant

  Around Australia, there is a wealth of money streams and opportunities for your community group to gain and receive a funding grant for your event. However, in many instances, the most challenging component is knowing how to access these potential funds. This short...

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How to run a school movie night fundraiser

A movie night fundraiser is a great way to get your school community together and to raise funds. Here is how to run a successful movie night event at your primary or secondary school: Set your fundraising goals Select the type of event (indoor / outdoor, kids only /...

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Ultra-high gain ALR projection screen with a difference

Is projection for dark rooms only? Most of us think projection screens can only be used in the dark spaces. Therefore our home needs a dedicated dark room for a home theatre, while businesses using projectors are bound to hold their meetings in the dark. We know...

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How to enjoy cheap movie nights

We all love movies, but a family night out can be a very expensive one. Did you know the average Australian movie ticket price has risen 31% over the past ten years, from $10.57 in 2007 to $13.80 in 2016? The most expensive tickets grew in price from $13.50 to $25...

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12 best Christmas presents for the whole family

With these Christmas presents, your family will spend more time together, outdoors, and will feel happier! Don't know what to give your big family for Christmas ? We have some brilliant ideas for you! The best Christmas present is the one which can be shared by the...

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Backyard Home Cinema Review

What do mums think about inflatable home cinema? We asked three prominent Australian bloggers to review HandiTheatre® backyard home cinema, and to tell us what they think about it. We were lucky to have our HandiTheatre® reviewed by Retro Mummy Corrie, a mum of a big...

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