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Backyard Home Cinema Review

What do mums think about inflatable home cinema? We asked three prominent Australian bloggers to review HandiTheatre® backyard home cinema, and to tell us what they think about it. We were lucky to have our HandiTheatre® reviewed by Retro Mummy Corrie, a mum of a big...

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Solving the Problem of Ambient Light at Schools

  Do you have a classroom too bright for projection screens? Is there too much natural light in your auditorium? Does your hall have too many windows or skylights to use a projector? The solution is the new MOCOM Solstice™ ambient light rejecting screens...

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How to Host a Fun Halloween Party

Simple Halloween party ideas, from funny games to scary movies. Some say Halloween has originated from Ireland, some say – from Mexico. Some see it coming to Australia as an influence of American pop culture. We here at Smart Digital think it’s a great reason to throw...

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Visual Display Technology Explained

Your quick guide to the lingo of projection systems, screens and visual displays Talking about screens and visual displays Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio is the width to height dimensions of a projection screen. The earlier tube type televisions have a ratio of 4:3, the...

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Hear the Roar of State of Origin – on a budget!

So you can’t make it to the State of Origin games, but the games can make it to you! Be the State of Origin hero and invite your mates over to the leagues series of the year! All in the comfort of your own backyard! Cold one in hand, and mates pushing for the best...

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How to benefit from end of financial year sale

End of Financial Year is the good time to invest in an Outdoor Cinema, and here is why: 1. Use tax write-off Tax write-off is extended for this year. An outdoor cinema package is cheaper than a car, but will drive your business so much further compared to a vehicle....

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How to select an outdoor projection screen?

Have you invested in a quality outdoor projector and are planning an outdoor movie party? Don’t before you read this post. You need an outdoor projection screen as well! Many people think all they need for an outdoor cinema is a good projector, a Bluetooth speaker and...

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How to Setup an Outdoor Projector

There is no point in investing in a big screen if you project a small distorted image onto it. Setup Your Projector Correctly For the slick look of your indoor or outdoor cinema, the image should fill in all the white space of the screen, and marginally get over it (5...

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