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Bring more patrons to your pub like these famous hotels did!

Outdoor spaces at pubs and hotels are often underutilized. What’s happening in the outdoor area of your pub? Is it the place which creates additional revenue? Many hotels offer outdoor entertainment, bringing in live bands, and organising activities for kids. It...

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Use EOFY sale to get ahead of the competition

Offer new experience to your clients and minimize tax on the way Any small business is trying to offer unique experience to their clients. Event organisers and party rental businesses, holiday parks and restaurants, indoor sports centres and swimming pools – they all...

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Why we love outdoor cinema

Personal experience of falling in love with movies in the open air I like watching movies, but there are so many things I love more: To be outdoors in a warm summer night To spend quality time with my family To move around: walk or cycle I also have to admit that...

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Huawei air blowers are used for glass cutting application

Huawei air blowers have a proven track record of keeping inflatables in good shape, be it jumping castles or inflatable movie screens. A small 1HP (horse power) blower is capable of keeping a 6 metre outdoor movie screen in a perfect shape for a movie night, while a...

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Jumping Castle Air Blowers – Now Available!

We are proud to announce a new line of products: Huawei Jumping Castle Blowers. Have you checked your jumping castle blowers recently and discovered some of them are out of order? We recommend having a spare for emergency situations. All air blowers for inflatables...

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History of Open Air Cinema

Open-air cinema is over a hundred years old; it was invented in the same decade as aeroplane and automobile. The oldest constantly operating outdoor cinema, Sun Pictures, is located in Broome, Western Australia. According to Guinness World Records, it holds the title...

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How to make an outdoor movie night a success

The movie or the live TV event is only a part of the evening’s experience.  It is important that when the people leave at the end of the evening, they say: “Wow! What a great night!”, “What a blast!” To give the viewer a fantastic experience, whether they are...

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Less screen time and more active kids this school holidays

Did you know that the top three concerns Australian parents have about their kids are: Excessive screen time Obesity Not enough physical activity? We should not blame kids though, as us, adults are having exactly the same issues, and children are only copying our...

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Bring fireworks closer to your home

I love fireworks. New Year fireworks, Australia Day fireworks, Guy Fawkes fireworks – you name it – and I will be dreaming to watch them live. Dreaming. That is it. As for many suburban dwellers, the strong desire to awe at the fireworks collides with the cruel...

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Christmas sorted with gifts for the whole family

How to take the pressure out of Christmas shopping Two months before Christmas are extremely hectic.  We need to attend numerous events at work, at school, at our local sports club and in our community. And, of cause, the nightmare of Christmas shopping – for family,...

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Slumber party with an outdoor twist

Parties with sleepovers are very popular with boys and girls aged eight to 14. For the parents, they do mean a bit of a headache and a bit of a worry. That's why we would like to share with you some ideas on how to minimize the trouble and bring more fun for kids....

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