EOFY Sale Across Parkview Packages & Screens

EOFY Sale Across Parkview Packages & Screens

Parkview Series

 Smart End of Financial Year Savings.

Save Across The Parkview Product Range – Screens & Packages & you may even be eligible for a instant Tax Write off on purchases before June 30. 

Outdoor movie systems are sensational for bringing the community together.  This is more important now than ever, when the community has suffered severe natural disasters like draught, fire and floods, and has also been isolated with lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Happy, friendly, family, community events are great for breaking down barriers, and helps to reduce mental stressors such as anxiety and/or depression. The movie screen can be one of our outdoor inflatable movie screens, a Smartfold® Package or screen (sizes 120″ to 250″) for Indoors or even projected onto interesting buildings such as town halls or even wheat silos!

To celebrate the end of the financial year we are offering:

Bonus HandiTheatre Light® with any 4,5 & 6m Parkview® Package (suitable for up to 30 people) 

Portable, Quick and Easy to Assemble to Pack Away – BONUS value RRP $999 free with order(s) paid by June 30 2023  


  • 100″ aluminium screen with front/rear projection surface and carry bag 
  • Full HD LED lamp-based projector with up to 50,000 hours lamp life
  • 80w Blueooth soundbar

 Australian-owned and operated Smart Digital Australia is the market leader with over 20 years experience in providing outdoor community entertainment solutions. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment.
Please call our friendly team for more information about options tailored to your unique needs on 03 9729 6300

* Orders placed in our peak season may be  subject to backorder please confirm lead time when ordering. LIMITED stock available. Offer valid until June 30 2023 unless sold out earlier. 

The Importance of Outdoor Community Events

Many suburban and particularly regional and indigenous community councils provide regular outdoor movie events. More recently other NGO’s (Non-government organizations) have also commenced this type of social engagement. This include local community groups and service clubs such as Lions and Rotary.

Whilst there are several different motivations to provide outdoor movie events the single most important thing that links them all is to provide a social interaction amongst the local community members that is suitable for all ages. This is the perfect idea where there is a lack of entertainment available for the youths and younger generations in remote locations or for the community as a whole. Some rural and remote communities are using this to be able to provide an event where communities are suffering drought or other natural disasters can come together.

The Rotary club of Longreach in outback Queensland is a prime example of addressing the needs of the local communities. Queensland and now New South Wales are both in a 7 year drought. The Rotary club provides a BBQ meal to the families followed by a movie. The free evening provides much needed social relief to the local community. The bbq and outdoor cinema provides a non-threatening and happy environment for much needed socialisation. Watch the short video on the extraordinary Longreach story:

Outdoor cinema is great for Indigenous and other communities in isolated areas. The equipment can be used for training, entertainment and of course community events. It is much more fun to watch a movie with your fellow neighbours than sitting at home watching it on a tv all by yourself!

Business owners can provide movie entertainment in holiday hot spots during the summer period. This works particularly well where there is no normal cinema in the region. Holiday parks have been providing this service for many years giving the guests a great holiday experience.

For helpful ideas on hosting outdoor cinema events please download our 23 page Event Guide booklet.

Silo Cinema – Bland Shire Australia Day 2019

Silo Cinema is a new addition to the very popular outdoor cinema.  The wheat silo provides the unique cinema screen in grain producing rural areas.  The silo provides the possibility for a very large screen surface but with certain challenges.  Wheat silos are typically circular and joined together side by side.  Because the resultant screen surface is not flat, providing a sharp image is the major issue.

Video warping solves this problem.  The very latest high technology Christie digital projectors provide for minute geometric adjustment in all parts of the lens so that the projected image is sharp and in focus on all parts of the curved surface.  Another feature is colour blending which allows the image to be adjusted for the colour of the silo screen surface.  This is very helpful as ageing silos mostly light tan in colour.

For a great cinema screen experience, the projection can be screened over two or more silo surface proving an image width of about 20 metres!  The sound and media equipment remain the same for all outdoor cinema events.

Thinking of hosting a pop-up cinema event in an unconventional place? Anything is possible!

Give us a call to discuss.

Silo Cinema at Bland Shire – Australia Day 2019

There isn’t a better way to celebrate Australia Day than with a great Australian flick set in the heart of New South Wales.

Together with the lovely Community Development Team at Bland Shire Council, Smart Digital Australia were proud to bring movie magic in the form of an 18-metre screen across the remarkable Mirrool wheat silos.

Of course, no event can go off entirely without a hitch. In true Australian summer fashion, the temperature reached 47 degrees, along with lightning and a major dust storm, causing power outages that threatened the screening before it had even begun.

Luckily, the stars aligned and chaotic weather subsided. The pop-up silo cinema was up and running at nightfall, for a picture-perfect movie night, shared by an audience of over 250 guests.

The aptly chosen Aussie film, The Merger (2018), was a hit that provided much loved comedic value with a story about a local AFL team.

All in all, the movie night was a great success shared by the community, and a truly unforgettable Australia Day.

New! QUAD Video Game Projection Screens

The hottest thing going is video game events This is the biggest thing ever and hot money makers.

We have developed our QUAD video game screens. These are about 16 metres long. They each have 4 big screens. They setup fast and make a big impact with the event.

You can set up a couple of these together can have a long line of screens. These are great for a video game tournament, or just a video game themed event.

You can line them up and have a Wii blowing alley. You can add a couple of the larger inflatable movie screens and use those with your event.

For more information please call one of the friendly sales people at Smart Digital Australia on 03 972 96300.

How to run a school movie night fundraiser

A movie night fundraiser is a great way to get your school community together and to raise funds.

Here is how to run a successful movie night event at your primary or secondary school:

  1. Set your fundraising goals
  2. Select the type of event (indoor / outdoor, kids only / family / neighbourhood)
  3. Determine the size of the audience and select the venue
  4. Source the equipment
  5. Shortlist 2-3 movies
  6. Apply for movie licence
  7. Promote your event
  8. Prepare merchandise / tickets to sell and plan other related activities
  9. Run the event
  10. Follow up

Type and time of the event

primary school fundraiser

Indoor movie night at primary school

Now let’s talk about organising a movie night fundraiser in more detail. Winter is a good time for an indoor movie event, which can be held at school’s hall or sports hall. Offer kids to bring their own blankets / pillows or camping chairs to sit on, and invite them for an indoor camping evening.

It could be a good option to split primary school kids into junior and senior groups, offering the junior (grade prep to 3) a G-rated movie. Older kids will enjoy a PG-rated movie. Bear in mind the younger kids will find it difficult to sit still during the whole movie, so it could be a good idea to have a break in the middle of the film and offer them some quick active games.

There is a perception that outdoor events can only be held in summer. However, early autumn could be a better choice. Firstly, it gets darker earlier and one can start showing movies earlier, while in summer time movies do not start until pass kids’ bedtime. Secondly, evenings in early autumn are still nice, and even if they are relatively cold, they are not windy. Kids love sitting in a camping chair wrapped in a sleeping bag, and adults will enjoy the evening outdoors, too.

Audience and venue

Equipment required for movie night fundraiser

Equipment for a movie night

The size of the audience determines the size of the screen you would require for the event. As a rule of thumb, get a 3 m screen for 100-150 people, 5 m screen for 500 people, and

8 m screen for over a thousand guests. While sports halls can accommodate a big projection screen, we would recommend to held the movie night outdoors if you have close to a thousand of people.

Equipment and technicians

Hire the equipment (check the list of our recommended party hire providers). Most of the providers offer a technician to run the show. However, a small event does not require any sophisticated equipment and can be held without spending money on the third party tech. There should be a bright (at least 3000 ANSI lumen) projector and a quality pair of speakers at any school, source the movie screen, bring a DVD player (laptop, games console) from home, and run the event yourself!

Movie licensing

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, you still need a movie licence. Choose 2-3 movies (as not all the titles may be available on the day of your event), fill in the movie licence application fee (we recommend it is done several weeks before the event), and source the discs. While movie licensing authorities can provide you with the disc, it is easier and more reliable to buy your own. Firstly, you won’t need to return it back. Secondly, new disc is guaranteed be free from scratches and the show will run smoothly.

While many equipment hirers can organize movie licensing, it is not a complicated process in itself, and anyone from parents club would be able to obtain a license for their event.

Event promotion

Toy story movie fundraiser

Advertising done by children

Success of your fundraiser a good deal depends on how well you promote it. Don’t just announce a movie night. Create hype around it. Ask kids to vote for their favourite movie. Invite them to take part in the competition to create the best movie poster. Use this poster as an ad in the local newspaper if you are organizing event for the whole neighbourhood. Advertise in your school’s newsletter. Involve your local real estate agency to promote the movie night. Attract local businesses – they will be eager to sell hot or cold food or provide pre-movie entertainment.

Pre-movie activities could involve games and competitions, live music and dance, raffle tickets, and more. We recommend charging minimum for the movie, to get more revenue from selling of food, beverages and movie-related items.

For events held outdoors, have a plan B in case of bad weather. Success of the event depends on good coordination, planning, and implementation – in other words, in time and effort put into it. For more details on organizing a movie night, check our guide.

After party

To follow up the movie night fundraiser, thank every participant. Certificate of appreciation will take a decent place on the notice board of a local business, and will give your school some extra exposure. Praise volunteers. Get one step further and have a small article published in the local newspaper. Leave feedback on the Facebook pages of businesses involved, including equipment hirers.

Solving the Problem of Ambient Light at Schools

Do you have a classroom too bright for projection screens?

Is there too much natural light in your auditorium?

Does your hall have too many windows or skylights to use a projector?

The solution is the new MOCOM Solstice™ ambient light rejecting screens distributed in Australia by Smart Digital.

Known as a Solstice™ projection screen, this brand new technology cuts out any worry for ambient light (ambient light is any light source other than your projector), that may distort your image or weaken its visual aesthetics. On a standard screen, high levels of ambient light will wash out the image.

The Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen differs in many ways to standard projection screens. A standard screen will reflect incoming light in all directions, whereas an ALR screen reflects light directly back at the viewer, creating better clarity and a far superior and brighter image.

The Solstice™ projection screen is the world’s first concave lens-type screen. The Solstice™ screen has multiple layers of diffusion material which further removes the washout effects of ambient light. Sharp image clarity and the superb colour are also enhanced.

What does it mean for your school?

ALR projection screenPresentations Anytime, Anywhere

Mocom Solstice™ projection screen gives you freedom to deliver presentations anytime, anywhere. The choice of the space for presentations won’t be limited by classes with block out blinds, while the choice of time for presentations won’t be limited by the hours when the sun is not shining in your windows. No matter how many skylights or windows there are in the venue – the image will be brighter than a flat panel TV.

Presentations at Big Events

Schools need big projection screens to cater for hundreds of children simultaneously. Big events like assemblies, open nights, presentations, or celebrations, call for big screens. Mocom Solstice™ projection screens are available in sizes up to 250” in diagonal – that’s over 6 metres, and can be used for several hundreds of viewers.

Affordable Solution

Large LED/LCD screens are very expensive and have high maintenance costs. Moreover, they are notorious for high energy consumption. MOCOM ALR projection screens are much more affordable than any LED solutions available, are low maintenance, and do not consume power.

Furthermore, Mocom Solstice™ screens do not require expensive projectors with high brightness, costing several thousands of dollars.

Use the standard business projector (1500-3500 Lumen, standard or long throw) to project to a big screen (up to 250” in diagonal), in any room, auditorium, or hall.

Future-Oriented Solution

It is believed 3D should play a great role in education and learning, bringing deeper engagement, and helping students grasp difficult concepts with ease. The projection screen with 3D capabilities would be a perfect tool for a modern class.

The Mocom Solstice™ screen is brighter than your average 3D screens. Use it both for passive and active 3D viewing. Furthermore, this screen has no polarization and is very gentle to the eyes of children, with minimal eye fatigue and enhanced 3D effect.

Interactive Solution

With the Mocom Solstice™ screen, your presentation is not a one-way message sent to the dark space. You can leave the lights on and see the faces of your students. No more guessing the feedback from your audience. No more sleepy faces in the dark corners. The ALR projection screen allows for constant engagement with your audience and getting instant feedback.

Advantages of the Solstice Projection Screen

Ambient light allows us to see things clearly, from sunlight to flickering candles, car headlights to light bulbs and warm bedside lamps. Ambient light assists us in our everyday lives but becomes a problem when trying to view a clear picture on a big screen. This is where a Solstice™ ALR screen comes into its own:

  • Ability to display on a screen with ambient light;
  • Higher gain than other screens (18 times brighter than standard matte white screen);
  • Wider viewing angle; with the curved screen giving clear images over the entire viewing angle;
  • Depth simulation; the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object;
  • Improved image resolution and better colour accuracy.

Controlled lighting has always been a problem when setting up a projection system, until the introduction of the Solstice™ projection screen. The brightness and clarity of this screen allows for excellent image quality on the big screen, which is far better than what you’ve ever seen before.

For a full demo, or to find out more on this amazing new technology, feel free to reach out to us today. Contact Smart Digital Australia for more details or call 03 9729 6300.

Seven ways to entertain, educate, and engage your school community

We all love movies, but have you ever thought you could use a portable cinema system at your school all year round? Here is how you can use it not only for movies and fun, but also to engage your school community:

1. Fundraising events

It comes to no surprise that school parents’ organisations love outdoor cinema.  Watching movies together is a great way to entertain and engage your school community. Movie night is a great event which can be a major fundraising activity. It is easier to organise than a school fete, it is guaranteed to draw crowds and bring so much needed cash to your school.

However, most P&C associations prefer to hire the outdoor cinema for the night. It costs around a thousand dollars to hire the equipment and the technician, but there is one little secret school mums and dads do not know.

outdoor cinema - easy fundraiser for schools

The reality is – they could DIY, without a hiring company, provided your school has a portable cinema. One person can set up an inflatable movie screen big enough for 650 people within 20 minutes! And all AV equipment is so easy to connect and operate that no technical knowledge is required at all.

The only expense of the school committee would be getting the license to show the movie. To get the license, one needs to fill in the one page form obtained from Roadshow PPL or Amalgamated Movies. Secondly, pay the licensing fee, which depends on the size of the audience and your location. That’s all the effort required for a fabulous fundraising event!

2. Information nights and graduation events

No matter how big is your auditorium – there are days when your audience is bigger. Information nights and graduation events may require showing videos, photos, and presentations on a big screen, so that hundreds of people would be able to see it. Portable movie screens give you the flexibility to choose the space where to run the event. They also allow to cater for a bigger audience for lower cost.

The only factor you need to take into account is light. Even the brightest projectors will not be able to deliver decent picture if there’s a lot of ambient light around. So place your screen and projector in the darkest corner of your hall, turn off the lights, and let the show begin.

3. Disco Party

Is it your annual disco for students? No need to invite professional DJ-s. Turn the portable cinema into a disco station – simply project pre-selected musical videos on a big screen, or play the music via the speakers. You can also show the slides of your choice on the screen – be it photos of the students, or presentations and projects made by students.use portable PA system for outdoor events

4. Sports and outdoor events

Holding events or sports activities outdoors or in a big hall? Save your staff’ vocal cords with a portable PA system, which happens to be a part of the portable cinema package! A pair of speakers together with a lightweight and portable multimedia control system allows making announcements and playing music from USB, smartphone, or laptop, wherever you are.

5. Enhance your media and visual arts programs

For starters, teach students how to set up and run an outdoor cinema event. This could be a great project, which could even give students some budgeting and event management skills! Secondly, movie making will be more fun if the freshly made films could be projected to a big screen!

6. Use it all year round

viewsonic projector 3200 Lumen
Projector supplied with a portable cinema is over 3000 ANSI Lumen bright, which is just right for any standard screen (90-100”) in a lit room. The projector does not have to wait idle till your next movie event – use it all year round in the classroom!

7. Say “thank you” with a movie

Say “Thank you” to your community – students, parents, and teachers, with end of the year party and a movie night. Easy to organise, this event can coincide with Christmas celebrations, and is a great way to get everyone together for a beautiful celebration.

Smart Digital Australia is an ASCA recommended supplier for portable cinema systems.

Smart Digital Australia - prefered ASCA supplier
We are proud to support Australian primary and secondary schools, providing them with portable projection screens, PA systems, and portable cinema equipment.

Contact us today to find out about our exclusive offer to schools.

Last minute Office Christmas Party Ideas

Invite your team for a movie night – we have selected some absolutely fantastic films for you to have a fabulous and easy office Christmas party!

outdoor cinema for office Christmas party Have you just discovered your favourite restaurant is fully booked for the night you hoped to celebrate your corporate Christmas party?
Move the event to your own office or even to outdoors and invite your team for a very special movie night!

There are two options here:

1. Invite families and watch family Christmas movie

In this case, we suggest you organise movie night outdoors. Does your factory have an adjacent outdoor area? Even a carpark can be turned into an outdoor movie theatre, or, for extra fun, into the drive-in!

You could hire an inflatabcocktails, anyone?le cinema for one night; add a pop-corn machine, a slushy-machine, or a Photobooth for some extra fun.

Ask your colleagues to come for an office Christmas party dressed up as movie characters, and bring picnic chairs. Organise catering from a local company, or simply go to your local deli for some dips, cheeses, and nice selection of meats and gourmand sausages. Moderate quantity of alcohol and soft drinks would complement the food.

If you are inviting families with children, choose among these classical films everyone would enjoy:

  • Home Alone (can you imagine this film is now 36 years old?)
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol (if you love Muppets, Dickens, and true spirit of Christmas)
  • Elf (Simple, funny, and adorable)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (oh, the joy of a good scare!)
  • Bush Christmas (remember this Australian movie from the 80s?)
  • The Polar Express (truly magical)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with adorable Jim Carrey)
  • Arthur Christmas (If it’s done by Aardman Animations, it is good!)

2. Leave the families at home and enjoy a good old movie only your (team) mates can appreciateprobably the best Christmas movie ever!

Christmas is the time to watch good old movies, to dig out the film you watched many years ago, and to rediscover the beauty of it. It is also great time to watch movies with your friends, on a big screen. Make this event special, and invite your team for Movies under the stars.

We compiled the list of the films we think you will enjoy watching on a big screen!

  • Three Godfathers (John Ford’s sentimental western made in 1948)
  • The Apartment (Christmas is a great time to watch this classic film again, to appreciate how things changed since 1960)
  • Die Hard (if you love action, this is possibly the best Christmas film ever!)
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (if you like plain humour)

Bad Santa Movie

If you prefer a film made in this century, choose from:

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (comedy-thriller which starts with the robbery of the toy store)
  • Bad Santa (weird, different, and a bit brutal)
  • A Christmas Tale (French comedy-drama – so expect all things French: wine, sex, and philosophy)
  • 8 Woman (another French Christmas celebration)

If you wonder where you could hire the screen, check the list of party hire companies all over Australia. However, if you cannot find a party hirer near you, consider buying an outdoor cinema.

With prices from $1399 for a team of 50 people for complete system, or $3749 for up to 150 people, you can always find a good use to this system when the party is over.

We hope this idea will help you have an absolutely fabulous office Christmas Party!

Warehouse sale – one gift for the whole family up to 20% off!

Now this is Smart (Warehouse sale): buy one gift for the whole family!

Sort your Christmas presents in one go! Get along to our 1-Day Only Warehouse Sale and keep the entire family happy with a brand new backyard home cinema package!


When: 3pm-8pm – Friday 25th November 2016

Where: Warehouse of Smart Digital Australia, Unit 8, 52 Corporate Blvd, Bayswater, VIC, 3153

Come and see these fantastic inflatable and static movie screens in action, and check out our range of projectors, AV systems, speakers, and more!

What you get:

  • Great way to amuse family and friends during warm summer nights
  • Fabulous entertainer for New Year’s night, kids’ parties and sleepovers
  • Lots of WOWs for both kids and adults
  • Envious neighbours – they have the standard trampoline for their kids, and you have outdoor cinema for everyone (they can peak through the hole in the fence, too!)

Packages comprise:

Movie screen of your choice, a movie projector, and a soundbar or speakers.

FIVE HOURS ONLY – prices are slushed!
HandiTheatre Light, RRP $899 – get it for $765 only!
HandiTheatre Home, RRP $1399 – get it for $1259 only!
HandiTheatre Pro, RRP $3749 – get it for $2999 only!

Amazing opportunity to see backyard cinema systems in action, before you buy!

How to add backyard movies to your successful party hire business

image courtesy Outdoor Movie Guys in Perth

Outdoor movie nights and backyard cinema for rent

Offer outdoor movie events and backyard cinema for rent – you’ll be surprised how rewarding this idea is!

There are hundreds of party hire businesses in Australia, and their services are in demand. Mums love throwing parties for their kids’ birthdays; companies organise Christmas parties for their employees. On top of that, weddings, big family gatherings, or other special occasions for different groups of people need to rent equipment for their events.

There is a standard list of offerings available from party hirers, from chairs and marquees, to jumping castles, balloons and party decorations. However, successful party hire business is the one which finds unique ideas to stand out from the crowd. Photobooths, slushy machines, dance floors are some examples of the unique offerings. One of the exciting yet easy to implement ideas is to offer outdoor movie events and to organise backyard movie parties.

What do you need to have a successful outdoor cinema party hire business?

1. Know your audience and their pain points; offer solutions to their problems

Mums hosting a big birthday party would appreciate if they don’t have to spend time setting up the equipment. Set up everything for them. Ensure cabling is safely tucparty by the poolked away and the projector is placed behind the screen for safety of little viewers.

Pool parties are fun, but you need to protect the equipment from splashes of water. As pool parties are great for warm summer nights, package your outdoor cinema system with refreshments (slushy machine could be a good option!)

Companies organising corporate events need more than just equipment – they need complete entertainment package. Prepare games and prizes and offer catering.

Sport supporters need live TV – check if the party place has good TV signal.  Offer set top box to connect to the projector so that they could watch their favourite game live.

2. Find your marketing channels

Every market has the best promotional channels to reach them. Reach mums and dads of school kids via adverts in school newsletters. Use Facebook ads to target the neighbouring suburbs. In addition, leverage the search engine optimisation power of Gumtree.

Regularly update your website and be seen on Google local and Google maps. Don’t be shy and ask your clients to review your party hire business on social media. Reviews on directories like Yelp, Truelocal, WOMO and HotFrog are also very important – social proof helps others make decision to rent outdoor cinema from you.

3. Get your equipment right

3 packages for portable cinema

Outdoor cinema packed in 3 carry cases

Quality product will last longer and won’t disappoint. Poor quality inflatable screens can have problems with air leakage; stretch screens take ages to erect; low quality screen fabric will give nothing but disappointment. Moreover, cheap projectors will not provide decent quality image – do your homework and find out actual resolution and brightness of the projector in ANSI lumen before buying.

If you are planning to ship your equipment to customer, you would need as few packages as possible. The equipment needs to be simple to set up and operate. In other words, you need fail-safe equipment, supplied with clear instructions. A good instructional video is always a plus.

Size matters. Smaller screens can be taken indoors if the weather turns for the worse. Bigger screens create bigger WOW-reaction. However, the most important is the size of the audience – 2.5 metre screen is enough for a group of up to 50 people, while 4 m wide screen is enough for 350 people. Smart Digital Australia offers special packages for party hire business – contact us for pricing and more details.

4. Make a packaged offer

offer popcorn machine for hire

popcorn and movies

Having big variety of party hire equipment can be very daunting, especially, if you are just starting a new business. Consider to cooperate with other small businesses specialising, for example, on catering, bean bags, or popcorn / slushy machines. This will allow you to offer complete packaged experience for your clients.

If you are an established business, package your equipment to match the needs of different market segments.

5. Develop clear procedures and policies

Have rental fees, terms, conditions and penalties available on your website. Have a documented plan for weather cancellations. Prepare a check list documenting all equipment provided to the customer, including small items like cables. Also, if you are shipping the package to the customer, provide return shipping label for their convenience.

6. Put effort and time into your business

Be reliable, punctual, and pleasant to deal with. Dedicate time to promote your business online, but most importantly, provide good quality services – people will talk about you and recommend to their friends and neighbours.

Backyard movie nights bring lots of fun, and can have many entertainment options and ideas within.

  • Offer themed movie parties with dress-ups. Add Photobooth to take photos of the guests in costumes.
  • Consider adding popcorn machine and beanbags to make the backyard movie night both comfortable and catered for.
  • Suggest backyard sleepovers and console game competitions on a big screen, on fresh air.
  • Rent out a complete outdoor disco package – offer lights, decorations and accessories. Project music videos to a big inflatable screen, and maybe add microphones for karaoke!

If you are considering starting or improving your party hire business, check the video below sharing our experience – we hope it will help your business shine!
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkkC0AqpYi8[/embedyt]