EOFY Sale Across Parkview Packages & Screens

EOFY Sale Across Parkview Packages & Screens

Parkview Series

 Smart End of Financial Year Savings.

Save Across The Parkview Product Range – Screens & Packages & you may even be eligible for a instant Tax Write off on purchases before June 30. 

Outdoor movie systems are sensational for bringing the community together.  This is more important now than ever, when the community has suffered severe natural disasters like draught, fire and floods, and has also been isolated with lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Happy, friendly, family, community events are great for breaking down barriers, and helps to reduce mental stressors such as anxiety and/or depression. The movie screen can be one of our outdoor inflatable movie screens, a Smartfold® Package or screen (sizes 120″ to 250″) for Indoors or even projected onto interesting buildings such as town halls or even wheat silos!

To celebrate the end of the financial year we are offering:

Bonus HandiTheatre Light® with any 4,5 & 6m Parkview® Package (suitable for up to 30 people) 

Portable, Quick and Easy to Assemble to Pack Away – BONUS value RRP $999 free with order(s) paid by June 30 2023  


  • 100″ aluminium screen with front/rear projection surface and carry bag 
  • Full HD LED lamp-based projector with up to 50,000 hours lamp life
  • 80w Blueooth soundbar

 Australian-owned and operated Smart Digital Australia is the market leader with over 20 years experience in providing outdoor community entertainment solutions. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality equipment.
Please call our friendly team for more information about options tailored to your unique needs on 03 9729 6300

* Orders placed in our peak season may be  subject to backorder please confirm lead time when ordering. LIMITED stock available. Offer valid until June 30 2023 unless sold out earlier. 

Smart Digital attends the Manningham Mayoral FireBall

James Cunningham with Mayor Cr Andrew Conlon

Smart Digital Australia were honored to attend the Manningham Mayoral Fireball in October 2018 in support of local CFA brigades. The evening included a live and silent auction taking place to raise funds for the Warrandyte Fireball Committee, set up to support local CFA volunteers through fundraising. James Cunningham, owner and founder of Smart Digital Australia, donated a HandiTheatre Home solution with upgraded SD602 projector to the cause. The community involvement in the auctions was a huge success and the results were funds raised in excess of $80k.

Smart Digital at the Rotary International Convention

Smart Digital Australia participated at the recent Rotary International convention in Toronto Canada. The company promoted its inflatable screens and outdoor cinema systems in the trade show area called the House of Friendship. The convention, one of the largest of its kind in the world attracted around 30,000 delegates from all over the world.

According to the Managing Director, James Cunningham there was significant interest from countries in Africa including Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Benin and Ethiopia. The company screened for the first time the new information movie Outdoor Cinema in The Australian Outback which was exceptionally well received. The movie tells the story of outdoor cinema events in the Australian desert hosted by the Rotary Club of Longreach.

Outdoor Film Festival In The Australian Outback

The Northern Territory Traveling Film Festival has been a huge success with screenings in Alice Springs, Tenant Creek and Kakadu. Most of the movies screened were from indigenous producers and were of a very high quality.

Being the outdoors, the appropriate cinema screen used was an inflatable outdoor movie screen. The audience was super comfortable sitting on beach chairs and rugs on the ground which of course is mostly desert!

Photo by Oliver Eclipse

Buy an Outdoor Cinema & Get a Business Tax Write-off

With the recent 2018 Federal Budget being released to the public, there has been a major announcement for that of small businesses in Australia. Liberal has announced that assets purchased below $20,000 can still be used as an instant write-off in, for business’ turning over less than $10 million per annum. This regulation has been extended until July 1, 2019.

Some types of assets you can get include:

  •    IT hardware such as computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers
  •    office or shop fittings and furniture
  •    work vehicles, like a new ute
  •    sheds or containers for storing equipment

What does that mean for you? If you fall into this category of business turnover and are looking to purchase outdoor cinema products for your business, this can be an instant write off at tax time, with a large portion of Smart Digital packages available for under $20,000. Better yet, even products over $20,000 can be split into different types of purchases, to still fall into the instant write off status.

Here are our lists of our products under $20,000 that can be classified as a tax write off until June, 2019:

Want to find out more on how you can take advantage this tax season? Come talk to the professionals in outdoor cinema! – (03) 9729 6300 or [email protected]

For more info on Australia’ 2018 budget, click here for more info.

Smart Digital Australia – 15 Years of Fun, Entertainment and Magic!

This year, 2018, marks the anniversary of 15 years in business for Smart Digital Australia Pty Ltd. The company commenced business on 1st April 2003 in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood. The business was foundered by its present owner James Cunningham. James has been very successful in the professional audiovisual business for over 40 years.

For the last 10 years, the company has focused on the outdoor cinema business and is now the premier supplier in Australia. Up until a few years ago, the company included an events and hire business called Fun Flicks. The sales business grew substantially so the Fun Flicks business was sold so the company could focus on the sales of the product.

Today the company markets inflatable outdoor cinema screens to regional and indigenous councils, holiday parks, outdoor cinema operators, fun and amusement parks, universities and secondary schools, sporting clubs, remote communities and many others. The consumer product called HandiTheatre® is now a very important component of the growing business.

The success would not have been possible without the fantastic support of a tremendous staff team, a very loyal customer base and awesome suppliers both locally and internationally. Thank you!

Indigenous youth and community development using outdoor cinema

Indigenous communities in Australia are facing several challenges in today’s society. These challenges are youth development, protection and local community development.

The older members of these communities feel more comfortable at home watching TV rather than engaging in the few activities offered resulting in isolation and from a mental perspective diminishes their life style and communication within their community.

The youth urgently need to be engaged actively through education, training and entertainment in indigenous cultural activities and are encouraged to learn from their elders.  Local government and service clubs around Australia are using a novel fun approach to improve the situation, by providing accessible movie events, education/training and additional activities with gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.  Along with these consoles, there is a large range of indigenous media readily available for access.

The outdoor inflatable screen product can dramatically improve the outcome for all, as well as the whole environment. Outdoor cinema can be used for both training/education and entertainment; and depending on the equipment selected with disc based and streamed movies, computer games and indigenous media can all be screened on the big screen.

Screen sizes are available for audiences from a few to a few thousand.  It is incredibly easy to set up and operate.  The equipment is generally provided in protective carry cases, perfect for storage and transportation.  Complete systems with everything provided to screen movies right out of the box are available for less than $5,000. Smart Digital Australia commenced business in 2003 and is the premier supplier of outdoor cinema equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

James Cunningham – Managing Director

Smart Digital Australia Appointed Premier Partner by BenQ Australia

BenQ Australia has appointed Smart Digital Australia as a Premium Partner for the resale of its products including projectors, Interactive Flat Panels and Digital Signage.

James Cunningham, Managing Director of Smart Digital Australia said that the BenQ range significantly expands the company’s interests in the presentation and visual display businesses.

Smart Digital Australia will offer the full range of BenQ interactive flat panels, digital signage and projectors into both the commercial and educational markets effective immediately.

Smart Digital Australia Launches New Corporate Social Responsibility Division

Smart Digital Australia has been supplying substantial quantities of outdoor movie systems into the remote indigenous communities within Australia for many years. More recently there has been a growing demand from African and UAE countries.

Much of this equipment has been funded by major corporates and governments demonstrating they are serious about their commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The inflatable outdoor movie screen systems are used to train and educate people with health and welfare issues including HIV, aids, water and sanitation. The equipment can also be used for entertainment and the benefactor’s public relations program.

Being outdoors, the project provides a totally non-threatening and unique environment to communicate the messages.

The equipment packages include an inflatable movie screen, projector, sound system and multimedia controller including DVD and Blu-ray player. All the equipment is packed in cases for safe transport and storage.

The set up and operation normally takes less than 30 minutes by one person.

Prices start at about $US3500 plus shipping.

Advanced Projection Screens Are Ultra Bright…Even in Highly-Lit Environments

What is it?

Possibly the World’s brightest projection screen…ever.
Known as a “Solstice” projection screen, or “Ambient Light Rejection Screen”, it cuts out any worries with ambient light (ambient light means the light that is already present in a scene, such as natural light, outdoors or light coming through windows. Also, artificial light such as normal room lights, candles, lamps, etc). In other words, it’s any light source other than your projector that may distort your image or weaken its visual aesthetics. On a standard screen, high levels of ambient light will wash out the image.
Ambient Light Rejection Screens (ALR) differ in many ways to standard screens. Whereas a standard screen will reflect incoming light in all directions, the ALR screen reflects light directly back at the viewer, thus creating better clarity and a far superior and brighter image.
ALR screens either absorb or divert ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision.

The advantages of the “Solstice” ALR screen in brightly lit environments

Ambient light allows us to see things clearly. From sunlight to flickering candles, car headlights to light bulbs, and warm bedside lamps. Ambient light assists us in our everyday lives but becomes a problem when trying to view a clear picture on a big screen.

This is where a “Solstice” screen comes into its own:

  • It has a “Concave Optical projection screen” which is suitable for any residential or commercial applications
  • Higher gain than other screens. Typically, 18 to 23 gain of brightness; the gain value represent the ratio of brightness of the screen resulting in a brighter image, even in highly lit environments.
  • It is important to note here that it is the image that is bright, not the screen.
  • Wider viewing angle; with the curved screen giving clear images over the entire viewing angle
  • Higher than 99% of polarisation; light waves
  • Depth simulation; the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object
  • Improved image resolution
  • Better colour accuracy

Controlled lighting has always been a problem when setting up a projection system, that is until the introduction of the ‘Solstice™’ projection screen. The brightness and clarity of this screen allow excellent image quality on the big screen and is far better than what you’ve ever seen before.

The Technology

The Solstice™ projection screen is the world’s first concave lens-type screen. This screen is positioned as the next big surge in 3D Applications. With 3D technology, brightness is extremely important. The Solstice ALR screen increases the light and polarised reflection, thus solving the problem of brightness, making it far superior to the standard 3D silver screens.
The Solstice projection screen’s multiple layers of diffusion material further remove the washout effects of ambient light. Sharp image clarity and the superb colour are also enhanced.
Also, the ALR screen absorbs ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision and reflects the projected image directly into the viewer’s field of vision, while also absorbing most of any other distracting and indirect light.