How to take the pressure out of Christmas shopping

Two months before Christmas are extremely hectic.  We need to attend numerous events at work, at school, at our local sports club and in our community. And, of cause, the nightmare of Christmas shopping – for family, friends, and colleagues – the list goes on and on.

A friend of mine hated the situation so much he developed the habit of going away for Christmas – on his own. There is a better way of handing the shopping routine though.

Christmas is about the memories and the family. It is also about the joy of being together. Find one present for the whole family, and let it be the one that will create cherished memories.

Gifts for the Whole Family

  • Take your family camping on Christmas Eve, and make camping experience stand out from the ordinary. Pick up a Holiday Park or a Holiday Resort offering adventures and unusual experiences. Decorate a tiny portable Christmas tree. Let your children find under it a card offering these adventures (canoe trip, mini-golf, outdoor movies).
  • Present your family with tickets to the theatre, ballet, open air cinema, or any other cultural event to suit your tastes.
  • Plan your summer holidays as a surprise, be it a local getaway or a cruise, and make small gifts that will be needed on your journey. (Imagine finding the new travel bag and tickets to your dream destination under the Christmas tree!)
  • Give the gift of experience, from sailing workshop to airplane flying, as long as the whole family can participate.
  • Of the few venues open on Christmas day, the trip to the zoo will be memorable. With not that many visitors around, it may feel like a very special visit, for kids and adults alike.
  • Check the lists of gifts for the whole family and pick up the one that will keep bringing the family together. From board games to outdoor home theatre, there are plenty of choices.

Consider the gift of entertainment for all your extended family and friends

Why not inviting them to the movie night under the stars as a present? The smallest inflatable movie system is big enough to show movies to 30 people.  So all you would need is to provide some comfortable sitting and to choose a good movie!

Many people choose to donate to charity rather than to buy presents. Present the outdoor cinema system to a fundraising organisation. This gift can make a big difference as it can be used to raise funds by organising charitable movie nights.

Think local and give back to your community. Many local schools with tiny budgets will be happy to get the outdoor screen with a projector and multimedia control centre for Christmas. If your business can afford it, it’s a beautiful way to help your local community.

All in all, consider buying just one gift this Christmas. Whatever your Christmas present choice will be, we wish you spend less time shopping and more time being together with your family and friends.