The Weight of complicated compliance standards and regulations wearing you down?

We have a smart solution to make life easy again.

The compliant water bladder anchorage system is a new product that has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for anchorage of inflatable units as set out in Australian Standards AS 3533.4.1 2005.

Anyone in the inflatable business (including us) have had many cases where we cannot use stakes for securing screens as the venue may have an underground sprinkler system, precious botanical city gardens and the like. It is then an issue of finding suitable weights or anchor points to use that comply with the manufacturer’s instructions as well as the Australian standards for Amusement Rides and Devices. Concrete slabs are an alternative, however again navigating OH&S issues can be tricky and Big concrete weights can do more damage than 4 x 60 cm long holes from stakes.  As you may know can lead to a gig being cancelled or fraught with difficulty from start to finish.

Our Compliant water bladders are a portable, light weight and affordable solution In areas where staking of an inflatable or concrete slabs are not permitted. Smart Digital have done all the leg work to bring compliant water bladders to the Australian market place at an affordable price and are backed by Australian engineer B.Bradley.

Call Smart Digital  03 9729 6300 for more information or to view the Compliant water bladders where The 3 m bladder holds 338 litres whilst the 5 m bladder holds 845 litres. Normally 1 litre weighs 1 kg