Are you bored of going to the restaurant for yet another Christmas function? Are you expecting to see the sour faces of your colleagues at the prospect of having a BBQ at the office? Let us share with you some ideas for Corporate Christmas Party. Our ideas will lift the spirits of your team and will increase the staff loyalty to the company and their satisfaction with their working place.

Will you get the next Corporate Christmas Party right?

Will you get the next Corporate Christmas Party right?
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Rule number one – Get it right for your team.

The choice of the event depends both on the demographics and on corporate culture of your company.

For a medium size business with the majority of middle-age working force, a corporate game of golf or lawn balls could be a good idea. A couple of hours nature hike with a picnic in a picturesque area will be a memorable and a healthy way of celebrating Christmas, while a corporate race night could be great fun for everyone. Table tennis competition is another hit – think about the trophy for the winner!

For a team of young and energetic people, prepare some extreme entertainment. Rock climbing, tree surfing or laser tag games will get far better feedback than the tiresome function.  Thinking of something more extravagant? Check circus skills workshop, Segway tour, clay shooting or a drumming class.

For a smaller team, arrange a treasure or scavenger hunt, a historic walking tour, or a photography class. These activities are both affordable and memorable.

Is your team too diverse to find common interests? Invite your colleagues with their families for a picnic followed by the movie under the stars. Get an inflatable movie screen with a projector. Collectively decide on the movie that will please the audience. And finally, ask everyone to bring their camping chairs and rugs. A memorable corporate Christmas party is guaranteed.

Rule number two – get it right for your budget.

While your accountant won’t be happy if too much cash is splashed on entertainment, limiting the party to drinks and snacks in the office may hurt team’s morale. It may even make people consider looking for another job. Try to find the golden middle, adequate to the business situation.

Christmas party does bring an added value for the company. Create positive emotions and unite people with some kind of activity in a non-working environment. Thought-through parties can heal the relationships among colleagues and improve the attitudes to the management.

When planning and budgeting for the party, accommodate for rewards to the workers.

Movie or lottery tickets, a good book, or a bottle of champagne are standard, but effective tokens of appreciation.

Do you want something more exciting? Invest in a big ticketed item that can be shared in turns among your team. It could be an electric bicycle, a treadmill, a sea kayak, or an outdoor movie screen which can fit in a backyard.

Rule number three – use the party as a marketing tool

They say that employees are the best brand advocates; in this case, their families can also spread positive messaging about the company. Invite spouses and even the whole families. It will not only create more relaxing atmosphere, but also result in spreading positive messaging about your company, which most likely will happen on social media.

Think about using the event as a chance for an extra brand exposure. Imagine a merry group of people in the park, with excited children on the jumping castle, with cheerful folks enjoying their picnic or outdoor catering, and a couple of banners with your logo and with Christmas wishes from your company.

Christmas is a time for giving. Your team may be interested in taking part in a fundraising activity, such as a walk or a ride for the good cause. Alternatively, finish the party with some act of generosity, and demonstrate your social responsibility. Are you supporting a charity? They would appreciate the gift they could make a good use of. As an example, fundraising organisations use outdoor movie nights to attract people and to generate revenue. Run an outdoor movie event for a corporate function and donate the movie system to the charity after the party. It’s a smart way to use your budget both for entertainment and for donations.

Don’t forget to promote your corporate event using your social media channels. Your partners and customers will have more grounds to connect with your brand emotionally, while your team will have a social proof they work in a great place.

There are many ways of running a Corporate Christmas Party. Make this event work for your team, for your budget and for your corporate identity.  Promote your company both internally and externally – it will bring the dividends you never expected to gain from the party.