Smart Digital Australia has been supplying substantial quantities of outdoor movie systems into the remote indigenous communities within Australia for many years. More recently there has been a growing demand from African and UAE countries.

Much of this equipment has been funded by major corporates and governments demonstrating they are serious about their commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The inflatable outdoor movie screen systems are used to train and educate people with health and welfare issues including HIV, aids, water and sanitation. The equipment can also be used for entertainment and the benefactor’s public relations program.

Being outdoors, the project provides a totally non-threatening and unique environment to communicate the messages.

The equipment packages include an inflatable movie screen, projector, sound system and multimedia controller including DVD and Blu-ray player. All the equipment is packed in cases for safe transport and storage.

The set up and operation normally takes less than 30 minutes by one person.

Prices start at about $US3500 plus shipping.