Drive-in Cinema Solutions

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Smart Digital Australia offers a variety of solutions for large screen drive-in cinema whether for launch events, community events, festivals, or for general big screen WOW factor.

Large inflatable screens can be used in parks, ovals or unused car parks. Portable packages are designed so they can be setup quickly, used for a movie, packed away, then transported to a different location every day or every week to maximize coverage across a city or state. Alternatively, 

Training can be also be arranged upon purchase. 

Watch our Touring inflatable screen set up video to see how easy it is to have a Drive-in Cinema everyday

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What do you need?

  • Inflatable screen with projector, or large LED screen
  • RF transmitter
  • Media source – such as DVD/Blu-Ray player, or media center
  • (optional) Audio mixer, video switcher, or monitoring hardware

RF Transmitter

The RF (or FM) transmitter is essentially what makes a drive-in cinema experience possible. Once you have your desired display (inflatable screen with projector, or LED screen), the RF transmitter is the component that directs audio that can be received by car radios.

It simply takes an audio output from your media source (either directly from a DVD/Blu-Ray player, or via an audio mixer or media center), and then converts to an FM radio signal at the pre-set FM audio frequency.

You will need this component for your drive-in solution, and can be used to upgrade an existing cinema package.

Inflatable Projection Screens

Inflatable projection screens offer great flexibility with relatively easy setup and cost-effective overall solution but suited towards night or evening viewing only. Components will include a large inflatable screen attached to 1-2 electric air blowers and a high-brightness projector.

Variables for projection-based setups include front or rear projection, screen size (up to 12m), projector brightness and projector throw distance (how far projector is used from the screen). If there are any space restrictions, these will typically dictate required projector throw distance (and hence projector lens required) or front/rear type setup. Higher brightness projectors can improve image quality especially if requiring earlier evening viewing, however projector cost can quickly increase substantially. 

Whilst relatively portable, transportation may require a large SUV, ute or trailer. Depending on screen size, initial setup crew may require 1-5 people but can typically be setup within an hour.

Large Screen LED

Unlike traditional large screen projection-based solutions, LED screens offer additional flexibility with increased brightness for daytime and night time use, and weather IP-rated protection when used outdoors.

Available for portable pack down or permanent installation. The trade-off over projection depending on display size and configuration would be increased weight, cost and setup/installation time required.

LED screens are typically assembled using modular bevel-less cabinets allowing for almost any size imaginable… just depending on your budget. Technology has increased rapidly in recent years offering high-quality cinema experience, high contrast and high refresh rate suitable for fast motion such as live sports or action-based movies. Options to include overall screen size and pixel pitch (or pixel density) to determine overall sharpness and resolution.

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