A recent video technology has popped up and is called EDID. This stands for “Extended Display Identification Data”.  For most people in the AV professional industry, EDID is the bane of their life!  In simple terms, EDID is a ‘video handshaking protocol.’ similar to the concept of the old Microsoft Windows set up procedures. Due to most modern consumer AV equipment and TV equipment being able to set up smoothly and automatically, a large portion of people are not too concerned with EDID.

However, when another piece of hardware is introduced between the two display devices, EDID sometimes makes itself known! This hardware might be an HDMI switcher or mixer. If one of the components in the chain is on a different resolution to the others, as an example, set up or handshaking difficulties may be experienced. This is due to the display devices sending out different handshaking signals.

One way of rectifying a problem is to obtain the latest firmware updates for each piece of equipment.  The simplest way is to use a current model of each product with a recent technology release date. Another way to say this is not to use a brand new display device that has been on the market for 5 years.  Preferably use a device that has been on the market for less than say, 12 months.  Next make sure all the components in the chain are of the same resolution. A DVD player will probably be working with 1080P full high definition, but it may be connected to a projector that is working only on 720p semi full high definition.  With an HDMI switcher or mixer in between there is big chance of experiencing connection difficulties!