Offer new experience to your clients and minimize tax on the way

Any small business is trying to offer unique experience to their clients. Event organisers and party rental businesses, holiday parks and restaurants, indoor sports centres and swimming pools – they all are on a quest to find a point of difference. They all know – the business will strive if it offers something special.

kill two birds with one stone

how to kill two birds with one stone

However, long term planning is not always in agreement with everyday needs and immediate challenges of the business. Cutting costs, urgent breakdowns and repairs, changing business environment – they all need immediate attention.

End of financial year is a good time when you can kill two birds with one stone. You could solve short term task of tax minimisation and plan well ahead, preparing something new and exciting for your clients.

All the plans you were putting aside need to be reassessed now. Why? Easy! Other businesses are offering their best prices for EOFY sale, and you should use this opportunity to spend wisely and to save big.

You surely know that as a small business, you are eligible for an immediate tax write-off for the goods valued under $20.000. The question is how to maximise the benefits from this opportunity. We believe that buying a car, or a computer, or any other electronics, even during EOFY sale, only sorts your immediate needs and is not paving the way to the next financial year of success.

We suggest to get ahead of the competition and to invest now in a point of difference.

rocket start

have a rocket start ahead of your competition

Offer your clients something they can only experience at your place, and even something that sounds crazy:

  • Dance, fitness and karaoke night (maybe, a karaoke workout or a fusion dance and fitness?)
  • Exergaming (in case you don’t know it yet – it’s playing computer games for exercising)
  • Hot tub cinema (watching movies sitting in a hot tub!)

Think about combining experiences, for example offer outdoor movie nights for dog lovers, good food and movie festival, glamping cinema night, or horror movie campout.

Find new ways to utilize the indoor and outdoor spaces available.

Use indoor sports centre not only for sports activities and kids birthday parties, but also to entertain their parents. Think fitness classes with a difference. Think catering, disco, trivia, or karaoke. But most importantly, think about your customers and what fun and entertainment means for them.

Use the beer garden or front lawn of your pub as a meeting place of the sports fans, offering them to watch the live TV sporting events on a big screen. Add entertainment and catering (the way Jupiter’s Casino does it on Gold Coast) – and the whole new experience is ready! With such an offer, the customers will come to the event and will talk about you many days after it.

For many of those ideas, inflatable indoor and outdoor cinema screens and matching audio video equipment will be a great solution. Inflatable screens are portable and do not take much space when packed. We also offer the unique audio video control solution SmartBox®, which makes entertainment easy, be it showing movies, running a karaoke competition, or having a live TV event.


Time for long term planning is now!

The best time to buy the equipment you will need for the next year of success is now. As many other businesses, we at Smart Digital have an EOFY sale and offer up to 15% off our product range for orders placed before the end of financial year. We hope that with this offer you will have a rocket start ahead of your competition.

Contact us today and get ready for the year of success!