5_fifa_13_by_ea_sportsFor the first time ever gamers will experience playing football in a fresh and realistic way. FIFA 15 was released September 25, 2014 and features some of the most fresh and innovative play gamers will experience. Developed by EA Sports, the football video game translates the game through stunning graphic details and life-like players.

FIFA 15 is expected to change the gaming experience through improved player responses. With more than 600 new emotional player reactions, gamers will experience true play as their players respond to pivotal moments on the pitch including bad tackles, missed opportunities, and legendary goals. Through an integrated headset platform gamers will be able to speak directly to each other and enjoy smack talk and live interaction with team members and opponents.

This football video game also includes a dynamic match presentation feature that includes commentary alongside fan reactions, chants, and behaviors that are common to fans. Through improved bench reactions gamers will experience the game first hand in a way that is true to real-life while enjoying team tactics and play that is realistic and original. Gamers will be able to control their players with agility and finesse mirroring the style of the true, real-life players.

The most impressive concept for games will be that of the stadium itself. The stadiums will show wear as the matches progress such as cleat marks, slide tracks, trash, waving flags, and screaming animated fans.

The FIFA 15 is more than a football video game. It is an experience and that is why we have decided to present it to you. If you and your family have yet to experience the life-like interactions that FIFA offers we encourage you to read all about the new release for the Playstation 4 gaming console and most importantly experience playing football in a whole new way with your family or other players around the world.