The good news is that there are many funding providers for community events all round Australia. Generally speaking they are broken up into the following categories:

  • Commonwealth government
  • State government
  • Local councils
  • Corporate
  • Community groups
  • Private philanthropic

Some grants are open all the time and just need to be applied for.  Others may be for specific dates or events. Visit the appropriate web site for all the information.  Depending on the complexity of the application, it may be a good idea to obtain the services of a person experienced in applying for grants and awards.


There is an excellent web site which hosts many providers and lists thousands of grants available. The site is called Grants Hubb










Local government councils

It is worth investigating with your local council what grants or assistance in funding may be available. The Community Development Officer is an excellent starting point if you do not know or have access to the CEO, Mayor or councillors!


When a major company has a substantial presence in the community, it is worth checking with them on what may be available and how they could assist.  Every company has a requirement for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Community Groups

Community groups such as Rotary and Lions often get involved in community projects and development.  Talk to the local club to see what may be available and how they would like to be involved. Funding is not their only form of involvement. They are very good at hosting events with all sorts of engagements.


If all else fails, it may be worth checking with Philanthropy Australia: .  Their projects tend to be on the larger scale.