Convenient and versatile items are most often than not the hardest things to find nowadays. There is a high demand for everyday materials or equipments that are made light and suitable for easy-handling. Inflatable equipments do fulfill the requirements of the community and are easily available almost everywhere.

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HandiTheatre Pro from Smart Digital is the greatest solution for experts who frequently give presentations, demonstrations, briefings and cases in certain places where efficient features are not easily obtainable. Now, there is no need to go through the stress of preparing  for any important business occasion. Outdoor and indoor classes, workshops, symposiums, classes and conferences can be done at any time anywhere with style and convenience with the help of the HandiTheatre Pro. Wi-fi providers, machine-to-machine relationship and multi-media gadgets can definitely impact business efficiency and the HandiTheatre System is developed to serve the business enterprise. HandiTheatre Pro is stuffed with durable strike up outdoor inflatable screen, an HD View Sonic projector and powerful Behringer sound system developed to last.

The HD View Sonic projector provides high-definition quality for the sharpest and most creatively awesome demonstrations and the Behringer speakers is a state-of-the-art technology which makes excellent audio quality even at excessive stress levels. Laptops, Blu-ray/DVD players or any other system are suitable to the HandiTheatre Pro and may be linked and finished quickly.

Behringer speaker system is a state-of-the-art technology that produces excellent sound quality even at extreme pressure levels. Laptops, Blu-ray/DVD players or any other electronic device are compatible to the HandiTheatre Pro and may be connected and completed quickly.

The easy-set-up inflatable outdoor projection screen is durable and tested to hold up against any type of weather. Using the inflatable theater screen accessory motorized inflator, the inflatable screen can be installed immediately, efficiently and hassle-free. In conformity with protection requirements, these accessories and devices are examined and have passed the Australian Standards tests .

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