HandiTheatre® Movie System


Handitheatre Light Outdoor Theatre System

Up to 30 Guests

Compact enough to fit in your balcony or small backyard.

  • 2.3m Portable Movie Screen
  • CRE X300 Projector
  • 90 W Bluetooth® Soundbar
  • Optional Upgrades

HandiTheatre Pro OUtdoor Cinema System

Up to 50 Guests

Your perfect choice for a theatre in your own backyard.

  • 2.5m Inflatable Screen
  • CRE X300 Projector
  • 90 W Bluetooth® Soundbar
  • Electric Inflation Blower

Handitheatre Pro Home Cinema

Up to 150 Guests

The complete Handitheatre® package – everything you need.

  • 3m Inflatable Screen
  • Smartbox® Gold
  • 3200 ANSI Lumen Projector
  • Speakers & Stands
  • Electric Inflation Blower

HandiTheatre® Outdoor Cinema Systems

Backyard entertaining has never been easier.

Plan a get-together with friends or invite your loved one to an intimate movie night. Whatever your occasion is, HandiTheatre® will bring fun and magic.
Spend more time outdoors, entertain in style, and have hours of fun in your backyard with your outdoor home cinema. Have a backyard movie party, play computer games in the fresh air, organise kids birthday, or host a big family event.

“Picture this – A balmy January night…

Screen erected in backyard which is also viewable by pool. Bean bags and picnic rugs cover the grass. Kids in the pool lying on tubes eagerly awaiting screen to light up.

“Guest list includes all the relatives that are frequent Christmas day participants. The screen starts showing old home movies of past Christmas days, everyone in stitches over how young everyone looks & the bad fashion choices.

“To top it off you air footage that you secretly filmed on the go pro of Christmas day a few weeks ago. The footage shows uncle Bob being wrestled into pool, drunk grandpa Jo misjudging his seat at the table, nana falling asleep in the corner after too much brandy and mum messing up the pork crackle and being told off by dad.

“An outdoor cinema experience full of love and happy memories.” Erin Black

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