So you can’t make it to the State of Origin games, but the games can make it to you!
Be the State of Origin hero and invite your mates over to the leagues series of the year! All in the comfort of your own backyard!
Cold one in hand, and mates pushing for the best view, you will thrill at the big screen images of the live games, and the cheer of the crowds. Watching the battle between the reigning Queensland Maroons against New South Wales Blues has never been more fun, and convenient.

Let’s start with the big screen. These high quality inflatable screens are taking the sporting world by storm, as they are fully portable, set up in 10 minutes and are just like your own outdoor cinema system! Complete with projector and speakers, connect to live sport TV and you are set.

Share the Love!

Get your mates to chip in $30 each to cover pizza and the big screen event, with only 20 mates you can come close to paying off your cinema system over the series. A far cry from the cost of tickets and interstate flights right.

Inflatable screens come in any sizes, but for the backyard party go for the 3m screen, depending on your crowd and the size of your backyard. While choosing a movie projector, brightness comes first, and resolution – second. As for the sound, a powerful soundbar would do the job, but if you don’t want to compromise on quality of your outdoor home theatre, check this package.

Feed the Troops!

Keep the troops warm and order pizza – it is always a hit, or add hot meat pies, or hot dogs to bring the stadium feel to your backyard – without the insane prices!

For those who like it sweet, order or bake a themed cake or cupcakes. Decorate chocolate Easter eggs to resemble rugby balls, and use them as cake toppers!
But if you really want to stand out, we dare you to make a good bowl of hearty soup. Here is a recipe of State of Origin pumpkin soup  which does have the flavour of Queensland. As a bold alternative, try Italian minestrone, Russian Borscht, German style eintopf or Loaded Bacon Split Pea Soup.

Selection of drinks is obvious – beer is the traditional rugby man’s drink.

Keep the Chills at Bay

Consider having an infrared outdoor heater to keep your mates warm, and prepare a pile of blue and maroon blankets.
Prepare comfortable outdoor seating – use camping chairs if you don’t have enough of outdoor furniture for the big night.


It does not matter if all your friends support one team or go for the rivals. What matters is the atmosphere created both by the host and by the guests. We hope you don’t have to ask your guests come dressed in their team jerseys. To have more fun, offer the prize for the best home-made wig or have a session of face painting set up in your backyard prior to the big game.

Hey, we think you can do it. And we want you to have an absolutely fantastic State of Origin party this year. If you liked the idea of having a big inflatable screen on your backyard, order it online from Smart Digital Australia  – we guarantee it will be the drawing card of the night.