crumpets-bullshit-unique-birthday-party-ideas-500x396Hosting events today should reflect your natural style and character. As you consider having your family and friends over for the day think of ways to make their time with you enjoyable and unique. The easiest and most affordable options to customize your event are often found in the most original places. Here are four ways you can host an event that is modern yet comfortable and affordable.

Identify a Theme for Your Event

Themes are simple and effective ways to make your party unique and original. You can choose themes that are fun and family oriented and easily incorporate them into your party in simple and affordable ways. Visit your local thrift or consignment store to pick up some very fun and interesting items.

A pail full of keys can help you create an evening that “unlocks dreams” and inspires love for all the happily married couples in your social circle. A rack full of older wedding gowns are perfect for throwing engagement parties and make for perfect wall decorations.

Gather Pillows and Blankets

Pillows are great ways to encourage your guest to visit and sit a spell. Grab pillows of a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to give your event an original and eclectic ambiance. Or choose matching pillows with similar colors and shapes to give your event a classic and timeless warmth.

To create an event that is polished, simple, and clean brining in blankets and pillows ensure that your event is filled with warm smiles and comfortable relaxation.

Finger Foods Merge with Family Tradition

Anytime you have guests over one of your main priorities will be to feed them. Select finger foods that different and yet healthy. By selecting finger foods that are healthy you will be able to entertain more frequently without the worry of your guests feeling like they will be putting on any extra pounds. Foods that are tasty and healthy are great ways to bring your family and friends together while also ensuring they are not being required to change their diet. Include family recipes with a twist or keep them the same for a time that is good for not just the body but the soul too.

Social Media Sharing and Pictures

Another great way to entertain at home is to set up a social media snapshot corner or area. Social media has become the platform for one of the most creative ways your friends and family interact with each other so they will certainly appreciate your creativity and forward thinking. Think of creating a banner that reflects something that is uniquely you or a background with your name plastered all over it. Any event with a social media picture taking section is bound to create smiles.

There are many different ways your family and friends can enjoy themselves at your home and event. The key to enjoying yourself and ensuring your guest are as well is to create an environment that is warm, flexible, and fun. Whether your theme is wild and crazy or conservative and vested your guest will thank you for the pillows that invite them to sit a spell and enjoy sharing their experience at your party via social media for many weeks to come.

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

James Cunningham is the owner and founder of Smart Digital Australia. James has been in the audio visual and projection screen business for over 30 years. He introduced outdoor movie systems into Australia with the company being the premier supplier of the equipment more than 10 years ago.

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