End of Financial Year is the good time to invest in an Outdoor Cinema, and here is why:

1. Use tax write-off

Tax write-off is extended for this year. An outdoor cinema package is cheaper than a car, but will drive your business so much further compared to a vehicle. Here is why – it will bring new experience to your clients.

2. Plan for the year

End of the financial circle is the good time to start planning the next year. Which events would attract more customers? Which marketing strategies are you going to apply to make these events work?
For example, if you decide to introduce movie nights at your restaurant, will they be themed? Could you have both indoor and outdoor events? Would live TV and sports bring more visitors to your venue?

A Local Council, for example, may decide to support local businesses, lending them an outdoor cinema package. However, the businesses need to prepare a good promotional campaign to leverage the benefits an outdoor cinema could offer. If the event is not properly promoted, it may disappoint. For more details on how to prepare a quality outdoor cinema event, check our guide.

3. Get ready for summer

Winter season can be quiet for many businesses, which brings more reasons to think through the busy period in advance. Summer is short even if it lasts 6 months a year! Make the next summer memorable. An outdoor cinema could bring that point of difference for your business you were looking for. Just imagine – movie nights by the pool, in a beautiful garden, on a green lawn, or even in the woods!

4. Prepare for Christmas

Now is the good time to prepare for Christmas. From family Christmas presents, to giveaways to your customers, a prize to win at Christmas Ruffle, small inflatable or portable cinema will bring joy. The EOFY discount will also create additional benefits to your business, and money spent this year will quickly return next year!

5. Turn quiet time into party time

If your winter season is quiet, portable cinema could cheer things up a bit! Turn your indoor space into a movie venue, be it a school’s hall, an indoor basketball court, or a play centre.
You could do so much more than movies!

  • Show sports events, like State of Origin, or soccer games
  • Organise karaoke and dance parties with a big screen
  • Host a gaming competition with a giant screen and a games console

To help you grow your business and bring fun and entertainment to your customers, we offer great prices for indoor and outdoor packages.
Portable indoor cinema is reduced to $629 – that’s 30% off for a movie screen, a projector and a soundbar! Moreover, big outdoor cinema packages are now 10% off – but hurry and place your order before 30th of June to benefit from End of Financial Year sale!