Simple Halloween party ideas, from funny games to scary movies.

Some say Halloween has originated from Ireland, some say – from Mexico. Some see it coming to Australia as an influence of American pop culture. We here at Smart Digital think it’s a great reason to throw an awesome party!

How to Host a Halloween Party

It’s easy with these tips and ideas:

1. Get costumes.

There are plenty of options in retail stores and online, but sometimes all you need to do is to go through your old wardrobe. Use your striped long sleeved T-shirt to be a robber or a mime. Turn a hooded cloak into a witch outfit, or add glasses for Harry Potter’s look.

2. Prepare some simple Halloween party food.

halloween biscuitsDon’t overthink – boiled egg halves with olives on top will serve as spooky eyeballs on your salad. Use cream cheese to attach almond “nails” to the carrot sticks for the spooky feel. Weird coloured jelly decorated with lollies will make a perfect Halloween treat. And don’t forget pumpkin – the queen of Halloween table!

3. Plan games.

The choice of the games depends on your audience, but spoon eyeball races, apple bobbing, and creating toilet paper mummies will always be a hit.

For older kids and adults, offer a themed scavenger hunt using their smartphones, play the ghost game, the grave keeper, or pumpkin consequences. Scream contest is another good one, and is very easy – let your guests compete to produce the scariest scream, or the most realistic howl.
Make your Halloween movie
If you are still playing Pokémon Go – stop pretending you are not in the game, and celebrate the Pokémon Go’s Halloween 2017 event with your friends, going out on a hunt.

Making scary movies on Halloween is our favourite. You already have the actors dressed up as scary monsters, as well as the camera (your mobile phone). Outline a simple scary plot (mummies invade the town; Addams family on a picnic; visit to the haunted house) and start filming! In half an hour, you will have a perfect scary movie to watch on a big screen (and if you don’t have a big screen, here’s where you can get one).

4. Watch horror movies.

There’s just one thing better than watching scary movie on the night of Halloween – it is watching scary movies outdoors at night. Just imagine – the moon, the bats flying around, the shades and the whispers of the wind. Decorate your backyard with pumpkin lanterns and outdoor lights; add a couple of skeletons and a ghost or two. Don’t forget comfortable seating. Prepare beanbags, inflatable airbeds, or camping chairs.

Select the movie to watch. If there are no kids around, choose a real horror movie. Here is a good list of movies you can stream for free.
watch horror movies outdoors

If you are choosing movies to watch with your family and children, here is our top 10 Halloween picks:

  1. The Night Before Christmas
  2. The Addams Family
  3. Edward Scissorhands
  4. Corpse Bride
  5. Hocus Pocus
  6. Casper
  7. Hotel Transylvania
  8. Ghostbusters
  9. The Witches
  10. The Black Cauldron

Finally, you need a movie screen, a projector, and sound to make your outdoor cinema ready for a really cool (and a little bit creepy) movie night! Did you know you could buy a complete portable outdoor cinema online?

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