Smart Digital Screen Setup

The videos on this page demonstrate you tips and tricks to make the portable movie screen installation easy!

We also give advice on how to connect AV control system SmartBox®, and where to place the projector.

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HandiTheatre® Home System

The HandiTheatre® Home System is ideal for homeowners looking for more space and modern family entertainment.

The system was selectively designed with consumers in mind and can be setup in under 20 minutes.

Audio-Visual Setup Guide

HandiTheatre® Home Manual

HandiTheatre® Light Manual

ParkView® Movie System Setup

Your ParkView® Series system is versatile and flexible. There are several possible purchase options for this series.

Parkview® Setup (3m) Guide

Parkview® Setup (4m, 5m, 6m) Guide

Touring® Movie System Setup

The Touring® Series features the largest inflatable screen in Tasmania. It will host up to 3000 persons and comes in easy to tote travel case.

Touring ® Setup

SmartFold® System Setup

The SmartFold® Series is ideal for events with limited space and use indoors. Perfect for gyms, halls, and conferences this series features a folding screen that is easy to transport and carry while not compromising the large display desired by our customers.

This series is compatible with every SmartBox.

If you are having trouble opening the frame with corners sticking this video will help guide you without damaging your new screen.

SmartBox® Setup

Your SmartBox® Gold or Platinum will enable you to switch between multiple media inputs, speakers, and microphones easily and reduces the time you will need to setup your system overall.

These multimedia control boxes are not required for consumer purposes, however, are strongly recommended for commercial use.