Many suburban and particularly regional and indigenous community councils provide regular outdoor movie events. More recently other NGO’s (Non-government organizations) have also commenced this type of social engagement. This include local community groups and service clubs such as Lions and Rotary.

Whilst there are several different motivations to provide outdoor movie events the single most important thing that links them all is to provide a social interaction amongst the local community members that is suitable for all ages. This is the perfect idea where there is a lack of entertainment available for the youths and younger generations in remote locations or for the community as a whole. Some rural and remote communities are using this to be able to provide an event where communities are suffering drought or other natural disasters can come together.

The Rotary club of Longreach in outback Queensland is a prime example of addressing the needs of the local communities. Queensland and now New South Wales are both in a 7 year drought. The Rotary club provides a BBQ meal to the families followed by a movie. The free evening provides much needed social relief to the local community. The bbq and outdoor cinema provides a non-threatening and happy environment for much needed socialisation. Watch the short video on the extraordinary Longreach story:

Outdoor cinema is great for Indigenous and other communities in isolated areas. The equipment can be used for training, entertainment and of course community events. It is much more fun to watch a movie with your fellow neighbours than sitting at home watching it on a tv all by yourself!

Business owners can provide movie entertainment in holiday hot spots during the summer period. This works particularly well where there is no normal cinema in the region. Holiday parks have been providing this service for many years giving the guests a great holiday experience.

For helpful ideas on hosting outdoor cinema events please download our 23 page Event Guide booklet.