Indigenous communities in Australia are facing several challenges in today’s society. These challenges are youth development, protection and local community development.

The older members of these communities feel more comfortable at home watching TV rather than engaging in the few activities offered resulting in isolation and from a mental perspective diminishes their life style and communication within their community.

The youth urgently need to be engaged actively through education, training and entertainment in indigenous cultural activities and are encouraged to learn from their elders.  Local government and service clubs around Australia are using a novel fun approach to improve the situation, by providing accessible movie events, education/training and additional activities with gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.  Along with these consoles, there is a large range of indigenous media readily available for access.

The outdoor inflatable screen product can dramatically improve the outcome for all, as well as the whole environment. Outdoor cinema can be used for both training/education and entertainment; and depending on the equipment selected with disc based and streamed movies, computer games and indigenous media can all be screened on the big screen.

Screen sizes are available for audiences from a few to a few thousand.  It is incredibly easy to set up and operate.  The equipment is generally provided in protective carry cases, perfect for storage and transportation.  Complete systems with everything provided to screen movies right out of the box are available for less than $5,000. Smart Digital Australia commenced business in 2003 and is the premier supplier of outdoor cinema equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

James Cunningham – Managing Director