Indoor Cinema Solutions

Smart Digital Australia offers a range of indoor presentation and cinema solutions, many of which can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments such as our inflatable screens packages. Most of our indoor solutions are designed to be very portable and easy to transport including inflatable screens (Parkview) or smart folding screens (SmartFold) which can be inflated or assembled in minutes – perfect for community events that can be setup inside large rooms like a school gym, or for training/education where fixed projection facilities are not available.

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Portable Pull-up Screen

Audiences up to 35 people

Our portable pull-up screens are ultra-portable but also one of our quickest and easiest screens to set up. The screen incorporates its own travel case with handle, that only requires unlatching and pulling out the screen to use within a few seconds.

The pull up screen has a large 100” surface size suitable for a room of 30 – 50 people, and can provide a very cost-effective solution for interaction education or training session regardless of almost any location, or simply for a night of fun with a large screen at home movie experience.

Audiences up to 650 people

SmartFold indoor projection screens offer larger screen solutions up to a massive 250 inches (6.35 metres)! Easily transportable with an included wheeled travel case and smart folding technology allows you to ‘snap’ the frame together in minutes – with no tools required.

SmartFold screens also add the flexibility of both front and rear projection screen surfaces – allowing you to place the projector in front or behind the screen depending on your space requirements (coupled with our short throw projectors, these can fit into the tightest of spaces with a very large screen).

Audiences up to 650 people

SmartFrame screens offer a more permanent solution with a cost-effective simple frame and screen surface that can be fixed or hung to a variety of custom fixtures. Also offering large screen options from 120 inches to 250 inches (6.35 metres) and suitable for indoors or outdoors.

Ambient Light Rejection Screens

Audiences up to 250 people

Mocom screens utilise a special Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) technology that is designed to enhance a projected image’s brightness making them more suitable for environments that are typically brighter than normally used for standard projection setups – including during day time use.

Mocom High-gain ALR screens are leaders in the market with an 18-gain rating which provide a dramatic difference in real-world screen brightness.

Inflatable Screens

Audiences up to 650 people

Inflatable screen options are often seen as a quick solution for outdoor movies and presentations, but also make for an ideal indoor solution. From the large 6 metre Parkview screens that can be ideally situated in a school gym, to our smaller HandiTheatre 100/140 inch inflatable options for at home or smaller sized events.

Our screen inflators are designed to operate with minimal noise to reduce distractions when used indoors, or alternatively, screens can be optioned as ‘sealed’ which don’t require constant inflation.

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