Invite your team for a movie night – we have selected some absolutely fantastic films for you to have a fabulous and easy office Christmas party!

outdoor cinema for office Christmas party Have you just discovered your favourite restaurant is fully booked for the night you hoped to celebrate your corporate Christmas party?
Move the event to your own office or even to outdoors and invite your team for a very special movie night!

There are two options here:

1. Invite families and watch family Christmas movie

In this case, we suggest you organise movie night outdoors. Does your factory have an adjacent outdoor area? Even a carpark can be turned into an outdoor movie theatre, or, for extra fun, into the drive-in!

You could hire an inflatabcocktails, anyone?le cinema for one night; add a pop-corn machine, a slushy-machine, or a Photobooth for some extra fun.

Ask your colleagues to come for an office Christmas party dressed up as movie characters, and bring picnic chairs. Organise catering from a local company, or simply go to your local deli for some dips, cheeses, and nice selection of meats and gourmand sausages. Moderate quantity of alcohol and soft drinks would complement the food.

If you are inviting families with children, choose among these classical films everyone would enjoy:

  • Home Alone (can you imagine this film is now 36 years old?)
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol (if you love Muppets, Dickens, and true spirit of Christmas)
  • Elf (Simple, funny, and adorable)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (oh, the joy of a good scare!)
  • Bush Christmas (remember this Australian movie from the 80s?)
  • The Polar Express (truly magical)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (with adorable Jim Carrey)
  • Arthur Christmas (If it’s done by Aardman Animations, it is good!)

2. Leave the families at home and enjoy a good old movie only your (team) mates can appreciateprobably the best Christmas movie ever!

Christmas is the time to watch good old movies, to dig out the film you watched many years ago, and to rediscover the beauty of it. It is also great time to watch movies with your friends, on a big screen. Make this event special, and invite your team for Movies under the stars.

We compiled the list of the films we think you will enjoy watching on a big screen!

  • Three Godfathers (John Ford’s sentimental western made in 1948)
  • The Apartment (Christmas is a great time to watch this classic film again, to appreciate how things changed since 1960)
  • Die Hard (if you love action, this is possibly the best Christmas film ever!)
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (if you like plain humour)

Bad Santa Movie

If you prefer a film made in this century, choose from:

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (comedy-thriller which starts with the robbery of the toy store)
  • Bad Santa (weird, different, and a bit brutal)
  • A Christmas Tale (French comedy-drama – so expect all things French: wine, sex, and philosophy)
  • 8 Woman (another French Christmas celebration)

If you wonder where you could hire the screen, check the list of party hire companies all over Australia. However, if you cannot find a party hirer near you, consider buying an outdoor cinema.

With prices from $1399 for a team of 50 people for complete system, or $3749 for up to 150 people, you can always find a good use to this system when the party is over.

We hope this idea will help you have an absolutely fabulous office Christmas Party!