LED Display Solutions

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Smart Digital Australia offers a range of indoor and outdoor LED solutions for temporary or permanent installation. LED solutions can offer several advantages over projection or conventional TV arrays. LED module technology gives a bevel free design, allowing for custom display dimensions of almost any shape and size without any noticeable joins.

Water and dust IP-rated panels can be used for permanent outdoor installation regardless of the season or weather. With high-brightness and options for automatic brightness control, LED solutions can be used in both high and low ambient light conditions (day or night).

Modular LED panels come in flat, curved, flexible and even semi-transparent designs. Custom fabrication to your application including free-standing signs, bespoke outdoor structures, or tailored instore layouts.

We can custom build solutions for:

  • Instore retail advertising
  • External building display and advertising
  • Indoor and outdoor cinema
  • Information displays – including public, council and education
  • Showroom displays
  • Custom applications

Maintenance options for front or rear access. 

Introducing Smart Cinema – Outdoor LED systems

Introducing SmartCinema LED for your ultimate outdoor entertainment and movie solution. Designed to be your drawcard for your holiday park, resort or even beer garden.

SmartCinema is a full-featured theatre system for day or night and all-weather use. Ideal for movies, live sports and gaming.

Outdoor LED Video Walls & LED Signs

Modular LED technology has advanced considerably in recent years, with high resolution, high brightness and weather rated (up to IP68) solutions now available for outdoor fixed installation across a range of applications including cinema, advertising or information display.

With brightness up to 6500cd/m2 displays can be used for typical day time viewing or adjustable for night time use.

 Custom fabrication of supporting structures can be made for external wall mounting or for free-standing signs and displays. Replacing conventional billboards and displays with a vibrant and animated LED wall can be a significant drawcard to capture people’s attention for increased traffic or exposure to your business.

Indoor LED Walls & LED Displays

High resolution LED walls and displays can transform retail spaces into sophisticated and modern environments. Displays can be custom-built into existing wall or shop front window areas for external display, or in-shop advertising. Also suitable for sporting or public venues for live-action replays, information or education.

High resolution allows for rich content to be displayed in high definition, 4k or other formats.

Options available to cater for a variety of mouldings – including staggered flat displays, large single display, curved or transparent curtain LEDs.

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