LED Display Solutions

Smart Digital Australia offers a range of indoor and outdoor IP-rated LED display solutions at very competitive pricing. Ideal for permanent installation or when requiring a brighter solution for higher ambient light environments including daytime viewing.

LED displays offer a big advantage over conventional projection with greater flexibility for viewing (ie. during daytime) and can offer weather protection in permanent installation setups. Module design means almost unlimited size possibilities and scalable to your requirements. Speak to us for a custom quote.

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Outdoor Large IP-Rated Displays

Permanent weatherproof solutions

Our modular LED solutions can be designed for almost any outdoor application – including outdoor cinema setup or for general business promotion and advertising. Ranging from IP65 to IP67 weather rating and up to 100,000 hours service life, our LED displays can last the test of time.

With typical brightness rating of over 6500cd/m2, LED displays have more flexibility when compared to conventional projection setups that can be constrained to nighttime only use.

Indoor Large LED Displays

Custom advertising displays

Indoor modular LED displays can be customised for shop displays, expos and for permanent theatre setups. High resolution display can be used for basic promotion through to live-action sports or movies.

Display dimensions can be customised into a large arrangement of shapes and sizes.

To discuss your requirements and custom quotes, please call

03 9729 6300

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