Streaming VideoLive video streaming enables you to project images and video recordings captured via your camcorder onto one of our large inflatable screens or SmartFolds. The live feeds projected onto the screen give your guests the opportunity to watch what is happening at your event in real-time just like breaking news. Moreover, everything that is being projected live is also being recorded.

How Can I Use Live Video Streaming?

The possibilities are quite endless – literally. Some of the most popular applications for live video streaming include capturing moments at children’s birthday parties, hosting live karaoke events, large outdoor weddings, receptions, live stage shows, festivals, corporate training events or conferences and more.

How Difficult is Live Video Streaming?

camcorderEvery product at Smart Digital takes minimal effort to set up and practically no previous technician experience. You can set up your live video streaming in two ways. The first and easiest way is directly connecting a hard wire from your camcorder to the projection device. Although this is the most simple and quick way to start streaming live; the trade-off is that you need a cable – which could get in the way.

The second way customers set up their live video streaming is to have a wireless transmitter connected to their camcorder and a wireless receiver connected to the projection device. It is also an effective method and completely cordless; the downside is that it will cost you a bit more. Most wireless systems can be sourced through professional video suppliers. The majority of our customers do choose to stream live through a hardwire so let’s take a look at what you will need.

What Equipment Do I Need?

hdmiModern video camcorders have an HDMI socket and come complete with an HDMI cable for connection primarily to a TV or PC. The cable will likely be approximately 1 metre long. The socket on the camera will normally be a micro or mini HDMI socket with a regular HDMI connector on the other end.

For video streaming as discussed above an extension HDMI lead will be required. The ideal length will be 5, 10 or 15
cablemetres in length. To connect the camcorder HDMI lead to the extension lead a simple HDMI joiner or adaptor will be required. The other end of the extension lead will then be connected directly into the projector that comes standard in our HandiTheatre System or the SmartBox Gold or Platinum for the larger systems. Everything you need can be found in our store. Take a look and if you have any questions on prices or shipping please call us or email.

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

James Cunningham is the owner and founder of Smart Digital Australia. James has been in the audio visual and projection screen business for over 30 years. He introduced outdoor movie systems into Australia with the company being the premier supplier of the equipment more than 10 years ago.

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