Organising outdoor kids party can be very exciting, but it is also a lot of work. We hope our ideas will make it a bit easier for you. The happiness you get from seeing your kids and their friends having fun together is a perfect reward for any mum. And not to mention the opportunity to showcase your wonderful organising skills and being called the coolest mum around!

One of the biggest hurdles that many mums face while organising kids and teens parties is coming up with the perfect plan that can ensure that the kids will enjoy the party.

They want to have all the latest gadgets and video games, but they are not sure which ones kids would prefer and how to go about the whole technology thing. If you are one of those mums, worry not!

Here is everything that you need to do in order to organise that amazing fun party that your kids and their friends would love…

1. Get a Big Inflatable Movie Screen That Everyone Can See

When you are planning an outdoor kids’ party featuring video games, you want to make sure that you have a big screen. Ideally, you would want a big inflatable movie screen in your backyard or front yard (provided it’s an evening party). If the weather is great, nothing can beat a large sized inflatable screen. Not only it will ensure that the kids have great gaming fun on the big screen, but it will also ensure that it doesn’t get messy inside your home as the kids would be outside most of the time, in front of the screen. If the event is planned during the day, take the big screen indoors in a rumpus room.

Connecting an inflatable movie screen to a gaming system is very easy. All you need is a projector with an HDMI input.

2. Buy a Gaming System

When buying a gaming system, you need to consider the age group of the kids that would be attending the party. If the kids are in their teens, then you should go for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, if the kids are younger than 13, consider buying Nintendo Wii or Xbox with Kinect.

3. Select the Games

Selecting the right video games for the outdoor kids party can be quite tricky. Here are some things to consider when selecting video games:

  • Try to get the games that many players can play simultaneously.
  • Single player games are a big NO!
  • Don’t go for the games that are slow and require hours of gameplay to reach a logical conclusion. For example, real-time strategy games.
  • Try to have a good mix of games from different genres. For example, you can have a dance game, a sports game and a fighting game. It will give more options to the kids.
  • Don’t forget to ask your kids for suggestions.

Just to give you some options, here are some great video games for kids’ party:

Just Dance

    • Can be played simultaneously by many players. It is an active game which will make everyone get up and dance! The game is available on the Xbox, PlayStation and
      outdoor kids party with video games

      party with video games?

      Nintendo Wii. Teens, as well as younger kids, will enjoy this great dance game, and not surprisingly, girls of all ages love it! Just Dance 2016 and upcoming Just Dance 2017 allow using smartphone mobile app for motion detection. Your mobile phone turns into a controller that scores and tracks your dance moves! All you need to do is download the app and connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi as your games console. This means unlimited number of players – the whole stadium can dance together, let alone the guests of your backyard birthday party!


    • Similar to Just Dance, there are other party games for fun and fitness, also known as exergaming. Adults and kids alike enjoy Dance Central for Xbox, or Zumba Fitness, supporting 2 players on Xbox and up to 4 players on Wii U. Such games are not only fun but they also allow the kids to exercise and be more active.

Mario Kart

    • Mario Kart has been kids’ favourite for quite a while. With awesome graphics and great sound, this game is a real party pleaser. Great for younger kids, up to 4 kids can play simultaneously – and this is great – while kids are waiting for their turn, they can engage in other party activities. Adults should have a go as well – great family game may prove you need to practice before you can even try and compete with your child!

Sports games

    • FIFA 2016 – Probably the best sports game out there. If the kids like soccer, then it is a must have. It is available on Xbox One as well as PS4, and now even features female players – girls can join the game, too! Up to 4 players can play FIFA 2016 at once.
    • Wii Tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing games on Nintendo Wii are pretty good options. Playing them on a big screen brings the gaming experience closer to reality, changing the way the players move, and can also be seen as a form of exercise. As the majority of Wii games, they can be played by up to 4 players at once. Both kids and teens will enjoy these games in a party environment.

Video games for teenagers

    • Teens would prefer first person shooters, like Overwatch, and if there are no younger kids around, let them enjoy their favourite game on a big screen – with stunning visual and audio effects, they’ll surely will love playing the games they play every day, but differently – outdoors, and on a 3 metre wide screen!

    4. Plan for healthy and kids friendly menu

    It may be a challenge to select easy to prepare, healthy, yet kids friendly menu. Visit your local butcher for quality sausages or kebab sticks. Cut plenty of fresh vegetables in bite-size pieces. Bake potatoes.
    Check for healthy brownie recipes and make minor modifications to your standard cake recipe to make it healthier. Get inspirations from Greatist or your favourite cooking portal.
    Ice-cream is always a great treat – perfect choice for a party!
    Also, have plenty of drinks on the table. Fresh water and juices are generally a great idea to keep kids hydrated and happy. Homemade iced tea can be a good choice for a warm summer night.

    5. Few More Things to Taking Care of

    Here are a few more things you should consider when planning an outdoor kids party:

    • Music system can make the environment more fun. If you are investing in a backyard movie system, great sound goes as a part of a parcel.
    • Seating – outdoors, seating won’t be a major issue. You can place some garden chairs for the kids. If you have a great grass, kids won’t mind sitting on the ground or on a mat. But it is always better to have some comfortable chairs around.
    • Kids have a lot of energy and they surely need more than video games. So it is a great idea to have things like a soccer ball, skipping rope, trampoline, etc. in the garden.
    • Take care of the wiring. Make sure the wires don’t get in the way of kids walking or running around.
    • Make sure kids can access the bathrooms in your home easily.
    • Keep sharp objects, like knives, scissors, etc. away from the kids.

    6. Invite children for outdoor kids party and enjoy!

    Give your kids the amazing news of the party and invite their friends. Be confident and do your best to entertain them. Do keep an eye on them, but don’t be overly cautious. Just make sure they stay out of trouble.

    You are all set to throw the best ever outdoor kids party featuring exciting video games, great food, and a lot of fun.