backyard cinema fun

backyard cinema for outdoor family fun

Backyard cinema at home is a great way to get your family up and active. When you think of outdoor cinema, you often think of cars, romantic necking, or the latest chick flick. Nowadays outdoor cinema has taken on a whole new edge. With growing popularity of the gaming consoles and live streaming applications, outdoor cinema is not just for watching movies. It is great for active computer games, watching streatmed TV, and showing your own films. With HandiTheatre Home System it became easy to set up your very own backyard cinema for hours of entertainment, wether in your own property or at your favourite park (provided there is adequate electricity available).

The HandiTheatre Home System is an outdoor inflatable screen system for backyard cinema fun. It was designed with consumers in mind. The system enables everyday people like you to enjoy outdoor cinema and entertainment. Each system is sold complete with everything you need to watch your family’s favourite movies, play the newest released video games, or even enjoy karaoke. To play a video game you simply connect your current gaming console such as a PlayStation 4, Xbox, or even a laptop using provided HDMI cables. Play the game with your normal controls yet enjoy the image display on your big inflatable screen.

For karaoke you simply select your favorite karaoke tunes and let the fun begin. You will need to add a microphone (get one from us or bid on one from eBay). Adding a microphone does not just have to be for karaoke but can be used so that a family member or guest can play the role of MC or the master of ceremonies to bring more fun to any activity.

At Smart Digital Australia we are committed to not simply making your backyard cinema experience fun, but providing you and your family with options that are unique and reflect your family’s style and interaction preferences. A big inflatable screen in your own backyard will practically draw your children and teenagers outside without the need to bring their electronic devices becauses their electronic entertainment is bigger and more challenging in the comfort of their own backyard.

The HandiTheatre system was not developed simply to bring outdoor cinema to homeowners and consumers; it was designed to make outdoor entertainment fun, fresh, and original. Each system comes ready to set up and is easy to tote to give your family the flexibility of enjoying your favourite outdoor inflatable screen activities anywhere you may find yourselves, whether at parks, camping, or at home.