Outdoor movie theatre is rapidly becoming a new must-have feature for holiday parks, together with heated pool and jumping pillows. It brings new experience to the guests, giving them the entertainment they do not have at home. Open air cinema occupies park visitors at night, when other activities are not available.

It takes 15 minutes to set up the movie theatre. Ask your guests to bring their sleeping bags, chairs, and pillows and let the magic begin.

Outdoor movie theatre is not only for the movies. The possibilities are endless:

  • Invite your guests for the magic movie nights under the stars
  • Plug-in a set top box for Live TV. Don’t let the fans miss their favourite game of the season (say, the Australian Open Finals!)
  • Make teenagers happy with their favourite console games on a seriously BIG screen
  • Offer the younger audience active Wii games (Just Dance is a great option!)
  • Call a karaoke competition
  • Organise a themed disco-party (ranging from Halloween to Valentine’s Day)
  • Let your visitors share their videos and pictures
  • Invite guest speakers to talk about nature and use the screen for the slide show
  • Have a dive-in party by the heated pool

With so many ways to entertain, the outdoor movie theatre is bond to become a key feature of your Holiday Park.  All you need is to plan different activities to involve the guests of all ages.

inflatable screen goes upinflatable movie screen ready for the big nightGold Coast Holiday Park ready for the movie nightkids and adults excited about the movie

How to select the screen and get a movie licence

To select the screen of the right size, take into account two factors: the size of the audience and the space available. For a caravan park up to 1000 patrons, you can expect 200-300 movie-goers. For the audience of this size, we recommend a four metre screen.  However, if you plan to place the cinema screen near the pool, you may have to choose a three metre system. On the other hand, small screen can look a bit lost in a vast area. If your backdrop is an endless field, go for a five metre screen.

Showing movies requires licensing. However, owners of caravan parks can screen outdoor movies with a Blanket Licence. A Blanket Licence allows holders to screen films to their audience all year round for one low annual fee.

Open air cinema creates special memories. Watching movies outdoors is so different to going to the cinema:

  • The backdrop is scenic
  • The stars add to the mood
  • The noises and smells of the nature create the third dimension
  • People are more aware of other viewers’ presence, which creates the sense of fellowship

Outdoor movies bring more fun and more entertainment to the visitors of holiday parks. Make sure your business is ready to share the magic of open air cinema with your guests.

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