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Parkview® Movie Systems

Parkview® Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Series

The Parkview® Movie Systems are our commercially focused Inflatable Outdoor Cinema range. Parkview® Movie Systems provide professional inflatable outdoor movie screens and equipment packages catering for audiences of 150 up to 600. Ideal for community events, outdoor movie nights, schools, weddings and fundraisers. Parkview® screen surfaces are made of high-quality stretch fabric for wrinkle-free viewing, and are easily removable and machine washable. All screens are suitable for front or rear projection and come with suitable electric blower for inflation, tethers, stakes, repair kit and 12-month warranty.

A-Frame inflatable design

A-Frame inflatable design.

12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty.

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials.

Removable & Washable Screen

Removable & Washable Screen.

Tethers & Repair Kits Included

Tethers & Repair Kits Included.

Parkview Screen Size Indication

How to Pick Your Parkview Screen Size?

Parkview® Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Packages

Parkview Movie Systems - 3m Package

Parkview Movie Systems - 3m Package

  • Up to 120 Guests
  • Small Caravan Parks, Pubs, Hotel Gardens, Community Halls
  • Sealed – No Need for Constant Blower.

Parkview Movie Systems - 4m Package

  • Up to 280 Guests.
  • Caravan Parks, Hotels, Holiday Parks, Education Facilities, Community Events etc.
  • Setup in 20 minutes – 1 Person.

Parkview Movie Systems - 5m Package

  • Up to 450 Guests
  • Recreational Centre’s, Holiday Parks, Outdoor Movie Nights, Fundraisers etc.
  •  Entire Package Fits in the Boot of a SUV.

Parkview Movie Systems - 6m Package

  • Up to 600 Guests.
  • Council Events, Weddings, Larger Venue Events, Parks etc.
  • Setup in Under 30 minutes with 2 people.

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