There’s nothing more attractive than a beautiful day watched through an office window. It invites us to go outside, leave everything behind, and escape out the confinement were we spend most of our time. I think that’s why when you get invited to a barbie or a picnic you feel you are invited to do something that comes naturally. It must be because it’s natural to be outside.

How many times you have walked under a starry night and you get amazed by the beauty of it? It’s like you forgot how it really looks and feels. Even your outfit changes and we immediately switch to a more relaxed and casual mood.

Why not to create pleasurable outdoor experience for everyone? Here’s where ParkView is the perfect tool that helps you transform any park or outdoor location into a versatile nature enjoyable venue. Host any university activity, company or group event, or even a wedding with help of outdoor cinema.  We believe the fact that there is just something in nature that we love, may it be an internal biological bond or just a trend, but what is for sure it feels good to do stuff outside.

ParkView®Movie System

ParkView System makes natural outdoor events

Smart Digital has introduced the ParkView® range of outdoor cinema. It features inflatable screens from 4m wide up to 6m wide. This package provides fantastic big screen, and awesome picture quality for audiences up to 650-700 people.

The ParkView is not just the screen; it’s a complete system that packages together an LED projector providing a high definition image that catches the eye.  You also get 300 watts speakers with on board amplification and retractable stands.  Plus our SmartBox®, a specially designed mixer that simplifies the set up experience, and improves the final quality. The console comes with HDMI inputs to connect multiple devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox one, Apple TV, Chromecast, PVR (Personal Video Recorder), digital radios, Satellite TV, – you name it.

But it doesn’t end there. The screen keeps a perfect shape thanks to the highly effective air blower. It can run up to 48 hours at a time with a quiet operation.

ParkView systems create large events on small cost, so everyone can benefit from simplicity and affordability of it. Kids love it; they can freely roam out in nature before the event.  Connect Nintendo Wii and allow them to enjoy one or two rounds of their favorite video game on a big screen. Trust me; you will want to play, too!

The whole system is designed to be transported easily and it can be fitted in a small car. The bagging of each component has been thought for functionality and protection of the equipment. Moreover, as we know the weather can be unpredictable, the complete system can be packed down with ease and in no time.

Unfortunately Parkview Systems only work when the Sun goes down. However, you can set up the cinema in an enclosed environment that allows controlling the amount of sunlight that comes in. Stadiums, ballrooms, and warehouses could serve as a good backup plan.

Thanks to Parkview Outdoor Cinema, small businesses, universities or councils and fundraising organizations can provide a natural eco-friendly approach to their events.

Picture provide By Jason Holloway (4j Entertainment - Tasmania)