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We can supply projectors to suit a variety of applications whether for education and training, high-resolution 4k home cinema, large venue or high ambient light environments, portable or fixed installation.

Our experienced team can help advise on the appropriately rated brightness to suit your environment or custom configuration of projection and lens for your desired throw distance. Projectors are available in standard, short or ultra-short throw to suit your desired room confirmation.

More recently, the availability of laser projectors has increased across brands and applications. Laser projectors offer reduced maintenance and extended performance over the life of the projector – helping to avoid additional expenses particularly fixed installation or reduced accessibility setups.

Smart Projectors

Projectors are no longer just simple devices relegated to presentations or reliant on ancillary devices for basic operation. Like Smart TVs, Smart Projectors come loaded with a host of advanced features including apps for streaming or gaming, and media playing from onboard storage or USB.

Smart Projectors can also allow for wireless connection to phones, tablets and computers, or connection of keyboard, mouse and camera for a PC-like experience without the PC.

  • Android Apps – Streaming, Games, Video conference (requires camera)
  • Wireless connection from phone, tablet, PC or Mac
  • Support for Office files, PDF, video, photos and music
  • Keyboard, mouse and camera connectivity

Projection Screens

Not only do we specialise in portable projection systems, we can supply fixed screen or retractable (manual or motorised) projection screens for permanent installation. Motorised ceiling projection screens can be integrated into the modern smart home.

Our range of portable projection screens includes inflatable screens suitable for indoors or outdoors from 100 inches to 12m, quick setup pull up screens, and foldable aluminium framed large indoor projections screens from 120 inches to 250 inches. Screens available for purchase individually, or complete packages with projectors, speakers, and other accessories.

    Interactive Flat Panel Displays

    Ideal for the classroom or board. Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) can create a dynamic environment for enhanced learning with interactive pen(s) and annotation software – essentially combining the technology of a modern smart TV with the flexibility of a traditional whiteboard.

    Interactive Flat Panels come with loads of smart features, access to apps, cloud documents and can also have remote content distribution, wireless device sharing/connectivity, cloud authentication and remote device management. Ranging from 55” to 86” in size.

      Wireless Presentation

      Secure and wireless presentations have never been easier devices such as the BenQ Instashow. No need to exposure secure networks for client presentations and no need for messy software installs. Connect multiple devices to your smart display or projector via the provided wireless dongle (or via software app on iOS or Android).

      Simply connect and toggle presenters with a single button. Presentation setup becomes a breeze all with secure Enterprise level encryption.

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