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Handiscreen 100

Inflate the screen, and then add your projector, playback device, and speakers - your outdoor TV is ready.

Good for up to 50 guests.

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hs140 Portable Cinema Screen

Our larger screen - Great for indoor or outdoor use.

Good for up to 75 guests.

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Handitheatre 3m portable cinema screen

Inflatable outdoor TV screen with the viewing area 3m wide.

Great for up to 150 people.

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It will fit in most indoor venues and looks magnificent outside.

Good for up to 250 people.

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Use this screen for  primary and secondary schools, community or sports groups, fundraisers and promotional movie nights, as it is very simple and quick to set up.

Good for up to 500 guests.

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Outdoor Cinema Screens

The largest of our ParkView range, it is still lightweight and easy to transport. One person can prepare the screen for the movie night in 10 minutes.

Up to 650 guests.

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Huge inflatable outdoor projector screen, this screen is great on any field, amphitheater or lot, and is perfect for smaller drive-In style events.

Entertain up to 1500 guests.

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dimensions of inflatable screen

Bring the magic of the big screen to your local park, festival or resort.

Up to 2500 guests.

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Take a load off when crafting an unforgettable experience for your guests with this giant inflatable movie screen - the biggest of our Touring series.

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Simple projector screen 120

The lightweight frame and projection surface pack down into a tidy wheeled road case. It is so compact it fits into the back of your car.

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front and rear projection screen 150

Are you looking for a versatile portable screen? Front and rear projection screen SmartFold® is what you need! It comes with two projection screen surfaces, so that you could place the projector behind or in front of the screen.  Use this screen for presentations, movies, business and entertainment.

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portable projector screen 180

This model is 180" in diagonal, and is supplied in a wheeled carry case. Take it with you on a tour, use it in different auditoria at your school, or move it from one office to another.

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