Projection Movie Screens

Inflatable and portable projection movie screens

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Smart Digital offers broad range of projection screens for indoor and outdoor applications. Our range includes inflatable screens with front and rear projection capabilities, and portable foldable screens. Screens sizes are ranging from 2.5 to 12 metres in length, and cater for the audiences from 50 to 3000 people.

Our inflatable Projection Screens are comparatively light, fast and easy to set up compared to other projection screens on the market. Moreover, many of our outdoor movie screens will easily fit into the boot of a family car. The quality of the screen surface is outstanding; there are no wrinkles or creases, and it is perfectly white.

Really Big Screens

Our largest range of inflatable Projection Screens is the Touring Series. They are capable of screening movies for audiences of up to 3000 viewers. Touring screens are generally used in large commercial  events for communities, twilight cinemas and drive in theatres.

Screens for community events

Our mid range, the ParkView series, is highly versatile and compact, yet great for relatively large audiences.  ParkView screens are very popular with schools, community groups, art centers, swimming pools, and local councils. This projection screen can be set up by one person in 20 minutes.

Screens for small and medium events

An inflatable TV screen HandiTheatre is the most flexible and compact of the projection screens. It is perfect for 5, 50 or 250 people and can be used in the backyard, near the swimming pool, or in caravan park; inside your home, sports centre or office, or just about anywhere, as the maximum height of this screen is 2.5m.

Our fourth range of Projection Screens is the SmartFold series.  Top of the range foldable screens come in a variety of sizes and are great for indoor applications.

Custom made movie screens

If you cannot find the screen you are after, give us a call. We can supply you motorized movie screens, as well as fixed projection screens, for the audience of any size.

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