SmartBox® Audio Video Controller

SmartBox® is a multimedia control system. SmartBox® Audio Video Controller brings control over audio and video in one place. Furthermore, it enhances the sound and streamlines the work of the AV operator.

Every SmartBox® has a built-in Blu-Ray player and a preamp mixer, with other components varying in different models.

Plug your projection equipment and play. With SmartBox®, you don’t have to spend hours setting up separate components, like mixers, players, set top box and microphones. SmartBox® Audio Video Controller has all the equipment pre-built and pre-wired inside the durable ABS case. As a result, it minimizes setup time and reduces the need for on-the-show fault finding.

Use SmartBox® Audio Video Controller for professional entertainment – show movies, stream live TV, organise karaoke nights, or play computer games.
SmartBox® audio video controller is compact and portable.
Take all your equipment, packed in one box, with you – all AV components are built in a lightweight and durable plastic ABS rack case with handles.

Reduce transport damage of your AV equipment – packed in a professional ABS rack casing, all source, control and mixing equipment is securely fixed into the unit.

Connect laptops, MP3 players, iPods, game consoles, or 3D / DVD player. Use your projection equipment the way you want to – all models of SmartBoxes allow for multi-media connections. With SmartBox®, you can also stream live TV, connect your projector and speakers, and use microphones.

Our commercial SmartBox® Projection Equipment allows for flexibility when it comes to your choice of projector.  You can change between projection equipment if required. For example, use a more powerful projector, or perhaps a unique lens for your applications.

Screening movies with DVD compared to Streaming

For the business of screening movies to audiences, large or small, DVD discs leaves streaming out in the cold!

The most important advantage of a disc is dependability. Streaming requires an internet connection. We have all experienced drop outs and crashes with the internet. The last thing anyone needs during a public screening is for the signal to drop out!

If the DVD disc and player are cared for in the normal course of business the risk of failure is minimised to virtually zero.

DVD audio will always give superior audio quality compared to streaming. The bandwidth on a DVD disc is far superior to that available with an internet connection with streaming.

The Smart Digital Australia SmartBox is supplied with a quality DVD Blu-Ray player which makes screening a movie super simple and fast to set up. You do not need to wait around for the internet to connect.

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