SmartBox® Audio Video Controller

Control over Audio and Video in one place

The SmartBox Omega is a very comprehensive portable media centre designed for our customers using live streaming. It includes professional audio mixing and video switching capabilities with two internal display monitors – so you can easily control video and audio from multiple inputs, preview feeds and undertake basic live editing. Includes internal PC, Blu-ray / DVD / streaming player and wireless microphone receiver.

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SmartBox® as a self-contained media outlet which can be integrated with various audio visual systems, including projectors, speakers, MP3 players, computers, video cameras, and more.

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Portable multimedia control

The SmartBoxsup>® Platinum is the ultimate in convenience and portable multimedia control system with lots of functions. Control the whole show from the single source. Screen Blu-ray and DVD movies, watch live TV, play music with an external MP3 player, play games through an external games console, or even use it in tricky installations like playing the same […]

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