SmartFold Series

The SmartFold Series provides professional indoor cinema screens and equipment packages with screen sizes ranging from 120” to 250” - suitable for audience sizes of 150 to 600 guests. SmartFold screens are portable, lightweight, and can be easily assemblied with minimal effort. Ideal for indoor presentations, education, formal indoor events, corporate settings or event just for a movie night. Available for front and rear projection with 12-month warranty.

Foldable & Portable Design

12-month warranty

Front & Rear Projection

Height Adjustable

Easy Assemble & Disassemble

SmartFold Cinema Systems

SmartFold 120" Package

Up to 100 Guests

SmartFold 180" Package

Up to 350 Guests

SmartFold 250" Package

Up to 550 Guests

SmartFold 150" Package

Up to 200 Guests

SmartFold 200" Package

Up to 450 Guests

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